When Choosing an Incentive Provider, How Important Are Mobile Loyalty Apps?

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Mobile App

Mobile loyalty apps are not only convenient for the customer, but they also provide valuable feedback to the business. Customers have grown to expect them from any reputable business. You can include an incentive plan inside the app that tracks points earned and the types and brands of purchases made. Mobile apps and sales incentive programs are a powerful combination that any business, whether large or small, can use to grow its customer base and keep them coming back. Here’s how it works.

Paying by Phone with Mobile Apps

When a customer comes to your place of business and pays for a service or item by holding up the smartphone with your app, a few things happen. Obviously, the customer likes paying through the app because it’s easy. It makes payment much faster, and the app offers an abundance of benefits for the customer. And of course, if you make the customer happy, they will return.

As a business owner, you can reap great benefits from data collected by the app. The mobile loyalty app automatically records what the person bought, the price paid and even the customer’s personal preferences. This helps you know what to order for that customer, what types of promotions the customer will notice and other information that will help you maintain that person as a return customer. Successful channel incentive programs that use mobile apps add benefit to both the customer the business.

Added Value of Mobile Apps

The first benefit is the ability to include the loyalty program in the mobile payment app. This means the customer doesn’t have to add key ring tags to their car keys or carry store punch cards in their wallet or purse. Every time customers make a purchase and pay for it with a mobile device, the information goes to a digital storehouse. This makes it simple for the customer to buy from you.

In addition, it can be difficult for a small business to accept credit card payments. If people don’t have cash on them, but they do have an app, they are more likely to buy your goods or services. This will not only increase your customer base but will result in higher sales. When customers use your app for their purchases, you can track who buys which brands and products. Besides payment info, you can use the data to understand what customers want and use that information to improve your services.

A secondary benefit is the amount of time it takes to check out. Customers want to get the payment part of their shopping trip over as soon as possible. If they can just hold up their phone and then go on about their business, it is helpful to them. In some instances, the customer can place an order through the app, pay for it in advance and then arrive at the business only to pick up the item.

The time saved during checkout isn’t only beneficial to customers – it means your business can process more sales during the same period. Also, processing a payment via an app is often much cheaper than the fee credit card companies take.

Offers and Client Contact via Apps

Once your customer begins using an app, you have a new communication channel with them. After checking out, you can program the app to send that customer a survey. Then you have an opportunity to reward the customer with extra points through the loyalty program. You can also use the app to offer shoppers incentives to come into your business more often with discount coupons, complimentary samples or beverages, and birthday greetings.

Take it a step further by sending them promotional materials on new products they might like, notices when their favorite brands launch a new line of products and special sales. Using the app to send your client these offers means they will make a habit of checking it frequently to see what’s new.

Make the Most of Mobile Loyalty Apps Now

Are you ready to use mobile loyalty apps to open the channel of communication between you and your customers? There’s no reason to put it off any longer. Maybe you’ve been hesitant in the past to put mobile loyalty apps to work for you, but with the right incentive provider on your side, you will be amazed by benefits. Let our experienced team at Incentive Solutions help you to maximize mobile loyalty apps to grow your business like never before. Call us at (678) 514-0200 to learn more and get started today.

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