Companies’ Philanthropic Projects Enhances Employee Pride

by | Aug 11, 2011 | Employee Engagement

Creating an employee environment that engages and inspires will help motivate workers to do their best and strive to reach the company’s desired goals. This is especially true during challenging economic times. It will also lend itself to creating community involvement.

One such strategy that is effective for enhancing employee engagement levels is offering sales incentives, including employee rewards. These rewards, along with other means of recognition help cultivate worker pride and the feelings of being a part of the whole – a valued member of the company. Cultivating worker pride and a team environment will promote company involvement on the worker’s part.

Cause-related marketing (CRM) came about through American Express in 1983, according to Incentive Magazine. Every time a member used the company’s credit card, it donated one cent toward the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The company raised over $2 million through this strategy.

Another example of CRM comes from cataract and LASIK surgeon Cary Silverman. Utilizing CRM strategies he’s fostered staff pride, which has helped him attain a number of philanthropic ventures. To reach its fullest potential, Silverman suggests initiating incentives that will benefit all, and that have staying power.

One such incentive is to establish a workplace environment that allows workers to be a part of the idea-generating process, along with acknowledging worker achievements. This strategy fosters a sense of value and will prompt employees to become involved and supports a company’s community feeling.

Two initiatives created by Silverman under his EyeCare 20/20 program are: the LASIK for Refs and LASIK for the Gold programs. These programs provide cost-free LASIK procedures through his practice to all professional umpires or referees and United States Olympic athletes. The two programs provide staying-power results; the staff can see and celebrate the results, especially if an Olympic contender wins the gold.

A more reinforced initiative that will further enhance employee pride is one that is started in-house and goes on to gain backing from other institutions. One such endeavor initiated three years ago by Silverman is the annual Vision Harvest program. The program offers cost-free cataract surgery to individuals who do not have insurance or the funds to pay for the procedure. Silverman’s company, based in New Jersey, united with local optometrists, ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, internists, drug companies providing surgical medical clearance, and equipment vendors to broaden the program.

Vision Harvest 2010 helped 24 patients improve their vision. Accomplishments such as this enhance employee pride and involvement in their company.

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