Coping with Long Incentive Travel Flights

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Incentive Travel, Incentive Trip

People have asked me time and time again how I can fly for so long without going crazy when I attend distant corporate events and incentive trips. Stay tuned and I will let you in on my little secrets of successful long-distance flying for far-away incentive travel destination.

Start off by doing some research. Depending on how long the flight is, your plane may actually have power outlets. If that is the case, you can pretty much close the book now. You’ve got it made!
For those times where your flight isn’t that luxurious, you have to get a little creative to make your entertainment devices last as long as possible. First thing’s first: make sure you have anything you want to watch or use on your device already downloaded and set up. Streaming on a plane can cake forever and rapidly deplete your battery. If you need WiFi to use your entertainment, find something else to entertain you. Airplane WiFi is not reliable and does not work when you are over open water.

Step 2, charge your devices! Not only charge them, but turn them off and keep them off unless you are using them. Even if your device is “sleeping,” you will be disappointed when Twister cuts off randomly over the Midwest because you had your iPad just locked in your bag. It can happen, and it’s saddening.

Step 3, and probably the most important secret of them all. For some reason, we think that we need to have our device brightness turned up to Sun. This, my friends, is not the case. Turn that bad boy down a little bit, no need to light the entire plane. This will preserve the battery on your device a little longer so you can hopefully finish that last movie before the flight attendant prances down the aisle and snaps at you for having your electronic device out upon descent!

Finally, if at all possible, have a plan B. I am fortunate enough to have an iPad as well as a Macbook. I will start watching movies or what-have-you on my Mac until the battery meets its demise. Then move over to my iPad for the last leg of the trip. Plus, for all those who don’t live in airplanes like my team and I…new rule with the FAA. You can have your iPad out and on from take-off to landing! So that lady you’ve been trying to avoid talking to the whole flight can’t get you on a sneak attack at 10,000 feet and corner you. No sir, you can rest easy watching your favorite film until you arrive at your exciting group travel destination and begin your adventures.
Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

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About Steve Damerow

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