Corporate Wellness Retreats to be Featured at Lake Lanier Island Resort

by | Sep 8, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness

Lake Lanier Island Resort is one of Georgia’s ‘hot spot’ locations, and adding to the perfect setting for a retreat, it will soon be a desired destination for businesses seeking to initiate their own successful corporate wellness program.

The resort partnered with Walkingspree in 2010, and now has plans to create an ideal setting for corporate retreats that are targeting wellness and fitness. Walkingspree is a corporate wellness company that is technology-driven and activity-based; it offers incentive strategies that focus on wellness and fitness.

Conveniently located less than 45 miles north of Atlanta, Lake Lanier Island Resort is nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers 1,500 acres of meadows, beaches, and forest.

CEO of Lake Lanier Island Resort Virgil Williams explained, “The goal of this unique program is to help educate and motivate as well as set and reach health and wellness goals.” Williams adopted the program in an effort to enhance the health, well-being, and morale of the resort’s staff, along with reducing the company’s overall health-related expenses.

With a year under its belt, Williams views the partnership as effective and is impressed. He boasts of the benefits the program provides for his business and his employees’ health. The program has resulted in less missed work days and enhanced employee morale. Based on its success, Williams will be opening the doors to businesses looking for destination wellness strategies.

The program is titled Legacy Wellness and will feature USB-pedometers for on-target monitoring, and will also provide social networking. It’s anticipated that the program will affect a business’ healthcare expenses and related costs significantly. Statistics show that walking regularly can reduce healthcare benefit costs per employee by almost $3,000 per year.

CEO of Walkingspree Hiran Perera noted, “Experiencing the program first hand gets executives excited and shows the power of our corporate wellness program.” He added that the program is fun and contagious, and the results show that the program is effective. “Putting it into the hands of decision makers and letting them test drive the program is an excellent way to experience the program.”

Other corporate wellness strategies can be found in the new Corporate Wellness Magazine. Business leaders seeking to design an effective wellness program can take advantage of the online magazine, which highlights employee health and the necessity of lowering a company’s healthcare-related costs.

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