Could Reenactment Cruises Become a Hot New Group Travel Trend?

by | Nov 3, 2015 | All Inclusive, Corporate Travel, Cruises, Group Travel Packages

Incentive travel is becoming buoyant again, and it’s going in the direction of cruise lines. Many people are taking advantage of the all-inclusive feel of cruise ships. With food being included and now unlimited drink packages being made more widely available, who wouldn’t want to set sail into the sunset for their next incentive group travel get-away or corporate event? Let’s travel back in time to 1912, when the Titanic set sail from England all ahead full to New York City.

We all know this unsinkable ship did just the opposite, after running into an iceberg. It was a tragedy, as many people lost their lives. Many researchers over the years have picked about the ship, gathering a plethora of information on the vessel. So much so, that Hollywood was able to create a film around the disaster. This may have been where Clive Palmer got the idea to fund a replication of the Titanic.


Australian billionaire Clive Palmer announced that he would be funding the recreation of the Titanic, appropriately naming it Titanic 2. This ship will be as close to the original ship as possible, with all of the latest technology to avoid those pesky icebergs.

The Titanic 2 is just a few inches longer than the original and has a capacity of 2,435 guests and 900 crew. The ship will include a gymnasium, Turkish baths, squash court, swimming pool, theatre and a casino, all based on the original designs. It is set to sail in 2017 across the Atlantic between Southampton, England and New York City. Passengers will have the option to pick a class to live in on their voyage, or they will offer a package that will allow them to stay in each class for 2 nights. The idea is to have every detail designed after the original down to the china patterns. There are no plans to have televisions or Internet services aboard the Titanic 2, making it easier to step into the past and truly live for a few days as a passenger of the Unsinkable Ship. Conditions in the mid-class sections will be deliberately cramped and passengers will even be checked for lice, just like on the original Titanic voyage.

Will the Titanic reenactment voyage sink to the bottom of people’s memories, or will reenactment trips become the hottest new trend in incentive travel?


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