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by | Jul 27, 2016 | Incentive Solutions

In an ideal world, your employees work hard for their weekly paycheck. There is more to life than a weekly paycheck, so the employees who love being at their job every day are going to be more productive than those who hate their jobs. Workplace incentive ideas allow for a solution by rewarding employees for their hard work with bonuses which show the company’s appreciation for accomplishments.

Standard Workplace Incentive Ideas and Solutions

The most standard and traditional workplace incentive ideas are to show appreciation to your employees by buying them lunch, or perhaps taking their family out to dinner one evening. As nice as such a plan is, it doesn’t truly show how much you recognize your employees’ contribution to the ongoing success of your business. Better workplace incentive ideas involve ways of showing how much you support your employees’ families with a means they can enjoy while away from the workplace. Cash bonuses don’t go as far as a discounted gift card or merchandise which means twice as much in value to the employee as it costs the business owner to purchase.

Mix and Match

Some of the best workplace incentive ideas allow your employee to mix and match between a few plans. A gift card is always awesome, but you can only eat out so often or buy new clothes when you need them. A vacation package which requires years of saving points toward doesn’t help enjoy this year’s family trip. Using earned credits towards a bathing suit, a meal out, and credit for a discounted hotel room are much more useable than a fully paid bill for any one of them when you can’t afford the others.

Recipient Preferences Allowed

Gift catalogs provide workplace incentive ideas which truly benefit your employees as they can spend the credits they earn as they see fit for their own benefit. A single man, for example, may choose to use his credits to purchase a restaurant meal for himself and his date one weekend. A single mother may want to use her credits for presents for her children. Any employee will appreciate how they can use an earned bonus however they see fit whether it is to become more efficient at work or to enjoy a hobby outside of work to come back refreshed and ready to earn more rewards.

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The bottom line is, everybody enjoys a benefit provided by their employer to recognize hard work and workplace incentive ideas are how to accomplish it. What people enjoy even more are benefits which they can actually use for a practical purpose rather than simply receiving a trophy and applause for recognition.

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