D-Link Improves Its Channel Program and Gets 5 Star Rating

by | Jun 1, 2011 | Channel Sales

D-Link recently reported that it improved its Value In Partnership (VIP) channel incentive program. The company is a supplier of comprehensive networking solutions for service providers, businesses, and consumers.

The improvements include refinement of the VIP tier level requirements (registered, silver, and gold). This program enhancement now provides clarity in regard to the channel partners’ expertise in switching and wireless products. It helps ensure that the partners’ level of proficiency matches the requirements and specifications of the consumers.

An new addition to the program is technology specializations. This aspect of the program will allow channel partners to distinguish themselves through their knowledge of products not included in D-Link’s fundamental package; one such product is data storage. Partners with the needed expertise will be afforded two forms of recognition: a “preferred” label and special access to leads in their field. Two subsections within the specializations, Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance preferred and storage preferred, will show a partner’s training and position with the company in regard to these subsections.

Demonstrating D-Link’s channel program improvements are effectiveness, VIP received CRN’s 2011 Partner Programs Guide (PPG) 5 star rating. The purpose of the PPG rating is to acknowledge vendors that present the best tools for successful channel programs.

Along with this, president of D-Link North America Nick Tidd was named a channel chief for the second consecutive year by CRN Magazine. This recognition is for channel leaders who create effective programs for solution providers, and who continually strive to promote and implement effective, therefore successful, partner initiatives.

Tidd guided the development of VIP, and was an influential factor in the implementation of the quickest automation platform in project cloud computing company Salesforce.com’s history.

Vice president and editorial director of Everything Channel Kelly Damore explained, “This year’s channel chiefs offer tremendous insight into the who’s who of the channel.” She added, “Top channel executives consistently ensure that the channel’s voice is heard when strategic decisions are being made and continually nurture mutually profitable relationships.” Damore also offered accolades to the 2011 awarded channel chiefs for their efforts in channel partner program strategies and successes.

The PPG’s 5 star rating is based on four categories: program innovations and related policies the channel chiefs created over the past year; the sales revenue partners generated for their companies; their readiness to publically promote the channel; and the years they devoted to channel strategies.

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