Domestic Incentive Travel: Director of Travel Services Deven Crane Spotlights Hawks Cay Resort

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Director of Travel Services Deven Crane is back with another vlog regarding the latest in domestic incentive travel news. Corporate meetings and incentive travel getaways are still happening thanks to a variety of domestic resorts, and today’s spotlight is a tropical paradise located in the Florida Keys.

Having recently partnered with Hawks Cay Resort on an incredible trip for one of our clients, this resort has everything you could want in an incentive travel experience, including:

  • A zero-risk cancellation clause
  • Accessibility by car
  • All-inclusive food and beverage options
  • An on-site marina with a variety of water activities, including fishing and sunset tours

Whether you’re interested in an incentive travel program for 2021, or are in need of adjusting plans for 2020 , Incentive Solutions’ Travel Services team has you covered. Check out Deven as he walks you through this ideal domestic incentive travel location.

Hey everybody. It’s Deven Crane, Director of Travel Services at Incentive Solutions and today I want to talk to you a little bit about domestic travel venues that we’re currently contracting for some of our clients.

Today’s spotlight is on a little-known gem in the Florida Keys called Hawks Cay Resort. It’s halfway between Miami and Key West on an island that you can drive to. What a concept! Hawks Cay actually brags that they have the largest meeting space in all the Florida Keys with 48,000 sq. ft of flexible meeting space, and they have seven restaurants on their property, which can satisfy anyone’s culinary desires. Will it be key lime pie or conch fritters? That is the question.

What’s there to do at Hawks Cay? Wow. Well, they do have a whole marina that is featured on Saltwater Experience TV. You can either go flats fishing, backcountry fishing, top reef fishing, or go out to the deep waters and do some deep-sea fishing and catch the big ones- the real big ones. The great thing is that their boats are right there at the resort. And they also have their own boat- a 49 passenger yacht that you can do some sunset tours with your participants. How cool is that?

Did I mention they have dolphins? They have dolphins. Right there at the resort, in front of the conference center. So, whether it be fishing, going out on a private yacht, or going swimming with the dolphins, they have everything that you would need. Well- whatever you choose- I’m sure you’re going to have a blast.

Enough about the hotel. Let’s talk about what is really important. With our ever-changing environment happening here and now, we’ve found that for our clients, a little security in the contract negotiation process really goes a long way. That’s why Hawks Cay is great. They currently offer what they call a zero-risk meeting clause. What does that mean? Contract anything between now and new year’s, to operate before March of 2021, and they will allow complete cancellation- no penalty! – 60 days out. That’s unheard of! And it’s a big reason why one of our clients just signed with Hawks Kay resort.

Last but not least, once of the best things about Hawk Kay is that they have all-inclusive. Yes, you heard me right, right here in the United States, they’re offering an all-inclusive product to do breakfast & bar, breakfast, lunch & bar, or the whole shebang of breakfast, lunch, dinner & bar for a nominal fee. I mean where else can you get that in the U.S? Nowhere that I know.

Well listen, check us out on the web,, or call us- 866-567-7432. Call us! We’re actually pretty nice! Thanks, and have a great day!

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