Employee Recognition – Easy as One, Two, Three!

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Employee Recognition, Reward Programs

Managers are constantly seeking new ideas and methods to help them effectively recognize and reward employees for demonstrating exemplary performance.

In the April Issue of Customer Service Newsletter author Dennis Snow delineates three specific and straightforward forms of employee recognition that that have over time proven to be effective.

Snow first addresses company-to-employee recognition. This includes the large scale organizational programs, such as naming an Employee of the Year or of the Month, and longevity programs such as ten-year pins, recognizing employees who have been with a company over a long period of time.

The second type of recognition Snow discusses is manager-to-employee recognition. Acknowledging the strong performance of employees on a daily basis is key here. This, however, requires a hands-on approach where managers are on the front line with their employees praising them for a job well done and providing constructive criticism.

Lastly, the recognition of employee-to-employee is pinpointed, where employees recognize each other’s performance. Snow stresses that “there should be some mechanism in place so reps can recognize each other for special efforts, and then evidence of that effort goes into the rep’s personnel file.”

According to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development combining reward programs and employer branding can be extremely valuable. Furthermore, the Institute’s recent Study concludes that rewards should directly be linked to behaviors that are in line with a company’s values and overall strategy.

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