Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations: A New Havana Moon

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Organizations are quickly catching on to the motivating power of travel incentives. Popular destinations like Orlando and Cancun make appealing, relaxing sites for incentive trips and corporate events, but there are more exciting and unconventional places out there, often with associated group travel and all inclusive travel deals. That’s why we’re bringing you a series of articles on the latest and most unique incentive trip and corporate event options, called Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations. First up: Cuba.


In the 1940s and 50s, singers like Desi Arnaz and Chuck Berry crooned about the relaxing, tropical beauty of hot Havana nights. Cuba was a lush haven, a land of exotic mystery where time slowed down. But in 1961, when diplomatic relations between U.S. and Cuba were severed due to Cold War tension, the party was over.

Fifty-four years later, a historic meeting between President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro resulted in major strides to restore those relations. A recent Reuters article reported on Obama’s efforts to ease trade, travel and investment restrictions.” Since then, Americans are allowed limited travel licenses for visiting relatives, traveling for educational and cultural tours, and approved activities from the trade and private sectors.

Social Impact Voyages: Meaningful Travel Incentives

One of the few ways American tourists can visit Cuba is through a social impact incentive trip. Social impact excursions, such as Fathom™ cruises offered by Incentive Solutions, provide travelers with the opportunity to make a rare trip to a restricted location and have a positive impact on Cuba through group volunteer efforts. These outings, which combine the luxury and relaxation of a cruise voyage with the meaningfulness of activism, are perfect for business group travel. Not only does a Cuba social impact cruise promote positive, team building activities, it can improve your company culture and reputation.Cuba-Emerging-Destination-Incentive-Travel-SlideShareCuba-Infographic---Incentive-Travel-Emerging-Destination

More Great Reasons to Book a Cuba Incentive Travel Trip

  • Unspoiled Cultural Beauty Cuba’s colorful, unique culture is still abundantly preserved, for now. Once travel restrictions are fully lifted, however, a flood of tourism can be expected. The Paradisus brand already has three properties there. Tourism pioneers and travel trailblazers will flock to discover Cuba’s secrets when tourism is open once more. Now is the best time to see Cuba as it should be seen, before it’s modernized and heavily commercialized.
  • Historic Significance Cuba is home to many colonial cities that have been preserved since the days pirates roamed the Caribbean. Unesco World Heritage cities like Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Camagüey boast opulent town squares and cobbled streets. Protecting their national heritage has been one of the greatest achievements of the Cuban revolution. Havana’s hazy downtown streets are a prime example, with classic cars parked alongside colorful historic buildings, as if time were stopped in the 1950s.
  • Exciting, Diverse Music Culture The spirits of many places influence Cuban culture, including Haiti, Jamaica, France, and China—and it shows in their music. Like New Orleans, the country is known for eclectic, lively sounds inspired by a variety of locations. Fusions between African drums and Spanish guitars capture the essence of lazily swaying palm trees and warm nights on the shore. Cuba’s passionate and joyful music has contributed heavily to many genres, from rumba and salsa to jazz.
  • Antique Cars One of Cuba’s interesting quirks is that, due to the embargo, the Cuban government has not allowed its residents to purchase new cars. Because of this, most of the cars on the island are from the 1950’s and held together by the skill and ingenuity of Cuban mechanics. Hot pink Chevy Bel Air convertibles cruise the Malecón esplanade alongside Roadsters that look like they’ve just driven off the set of a 40s film noir. Visitors will feel they’ve traveled back in time to the Hollywood Golden Age.

Cuba is set to become an attractive destination for corporate and group travel incentives. With its historic, historic colonial cities and its streets a moving museum of classic American cars, Cuba has one-of-a-kind, exotic appeal. A social impact incentive trip to Cuba allows attendees to make a difference in this exceptional country and experience its quirky, preserved culture at the same time.Cuba-Group-Travel-Deals-Emerging-Destinations

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