Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations: History and Humanitarianism in the Dominican Republic

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Welcome to another entry into our exciting Emerging Incentive Travel Destination series! If you’re new to these blogs, you may be wondering what the Emerging Incentive Travel Destination series is all about. Incentive Solutions has been working with our incentive travel, event planning, travel agent and hotelier contacts to pinpoint ideal destinations for incentive and corporate event group travel. Our goal is to introduce intrepid companies to interesting travel opportunities that few other organizations are taking part in.


This month, we’re taking a look at what the Dominican Republic has to offer business travel groups.

1. Organizations can promote a humanitarian company culture with social impact incentive travel.

Behind the Dominican Republic’s sparkling waters and carefree palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, there is a country that needs help. Forty percent of the DR’s citizens live below the poverty line and over three million are without access to piped water. By booking a social impact cruise through Fathom™ cruise line, you can schedule an incentive trip or group travel opportunity in which your company and affiliates help change these conditions.

A social impact trip to the DR is the perfect group excursion for a nonprofit organization or a company who wants to instill a corporate culture of humanitarianism and volunteerism. On a social impact cruise, trip attendees can enjoy all the luxuries of a cruise and enjoy their beautiful, tropical surroundings, but participate in activities that positively affect the local community such as reforestation efforts, speaking English with students, bringing communities potable water and working with women’s co-ops. Rather than simply enjoying the country’s natural wonders and culture, your incentive trip attendees can leave it a little better off than when they arrived.

2. Group travel attendees can play, relax and be part of team building activities.When it comes to getting sales teams and business affiliates out of the office for an experience that reenergizes and refreshes them, few places can compare to the Dominican Republic (DR). It’s one of the only places in the Caribbean that can claim mountains, volcanoes, desertlands and beautiful beaches all in one country. This means there’s something in the DR to satisfy every type of traveler. Those attending your incentive trip or corporate event who want to relax can lay on white-sand beaches surrounded by palm tree shade, tranquil fishing villages and mangrove lagoons. Those who are a little more adventurous can climb rock cliffs, hike or bike in the dunes and mountains, visit cacti forests or explore coral reefs, caves, marine life and shipwrecks underwater.There is no shortage of group activities to promote bonding and team building, either. Take your group on a banana-boat ride or whale watching trip, or to visit the stunning Jarabacoa Waterfalls. Opportunities to explore a diverse and remote wonderland of natural beauty will motivate sales teams to sail above and beyond yearly goals and inspire rejuvenated, energetic brainstorming at corporate events.

3. Incentive trip participants can explore the history of American’s origins.

The DR is rich with enough historic significance to pique the interest of anyone even vaguely curious about America’s origins. The Dominican Republic was one of the first islands in the New World at which Columbus docked, on his second voyage to the Americas in 1493. There he founded the settlement of La Isabela, and Santo Domingo shortly after. Remnants of these historic settlements can be found in Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial with its restored monasteries and cobblestone streets. In the ruins of La Isabela, visitors can see gravesites of Spaniard settlers and the remains of Columbus’ house.

A group travel visit to historic European settlements can inspire lively dialogue among your trip attendees. Who knows?—maybe a discussion about Columbus’ misguided rule in the European DR settlements can lead to interesting ideas about how your organization can improve operations.


Though the Caribbean is a wildly popular destination for leisure and incentive travel alike, the Dominican Republic boasts several qualities that make it special. Unique beauty, historic sites and recent opportunities to participate in social impact travel activities make the DR one of the most out-of-the-ordinary voyages your corporate travel group can be a part of.

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