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It’s that time again—time to talk about exciting, emerging incentive travel destinations! Here at Incentive Solutions, we’ve begun the Emerging Incentive Travel Destination series of blogs to spread the word about interesting incentive and corporate event locations. Working with input from incentive travel, event planner, travel agent and hotelier contacts, we aim to bring you travel incentive ideas and event sites that will motivate your teams and drum up enthusiasm about upcoming corporate travel.


This month’s spotlight destination, Laguna Beach in southern California, is a little less obscure than some other destinations we’ve covered. But we’d like to point out Laguna Beach’s great qualities because we feel that, thanks to sensationalized reality television, it’s gained an unfair reputation as a vapid party town.

Laguna Beach is actually rather isolated from the glitz of L.A., due to its surrounding hills, its “greenbelt” of protected coastline and limited highway access. Unlike what MTV would have you believe, Laguna Beach is a peaceful and remote seaside town, a perfect place for one of your emerging incentive travel destinations or an intimate corporate event.

A World of Art History for Group Travel Attendees to Explore

One of Laguna Beach’s most defining traits is its art history and community. In the early 1900s, it was known primarily for being a Bohemian art colony and a popular spot for “plein air” or “open air” artists to practice painting in warm, breezy, picturesque settings. If you scheduling an incentive trip or corporate event in July-August, attendees can enjoy the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, a two-month long summer art festival which also has exhibits year-round. The festival is the home of the much-imitated and world-famous Pageant of the Masters, in which performers wear elaborate costumes and face-paint to pose as living renditions of classic painting masterpieces.

The art-lovers among business travel groups will doubtlessly enjoy their downtime exploring Laguna Beach’s galleries, theaters and festivals. For everyone else, there’s still plenty more to discover!

Endless, Fun-in-the-Sun Team Building Experiences

There’s end to the fun, team building activities possible in Laguna Beach’s glittering California sunshine. There are a multitude of watersports to enjoy, like scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding. Some in your travel group may want to visit authentic surf shops or take some surfing lessons, take a kayak tour with sea lion viewing or stop at classic, breezy roadside restaurants off the coastal highways, such as the Orange Inn, where the smoothie was invented.

Because of the long-standing conservation efforts in Laguna Beach, protective both coastal and oceanic wildlife, Laguna Beach has beautiful outdoor wonders to appreciate, such as Pacific Marine Mammal Center or hiking, biking and fishing in Crystal Cove State Park. Laguna Beach boasts the highest concentration of blue whales on Earth and a dolphin population that’s greater than that of Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean combined, making it arguably the best place in the world for whale- and dolphin-watching.

On an incentive travel or corporate event visit to Laguna Beach, you can schedule multiple group travel bonding adventure options so everyone can join in on something that’s just their speed.

Multiple Downtime Options—Trips Incentives for Every Type of Traveler

A stay in Laguna Beach is one of the best ways to experience all southern California has to offer in one incentive trip. During the day, incentive or corporate event travel groups can attend enlightening conferences, meetings and seminars in Laguna Beach. For example, The Rooftop Lounge makes for a perfect, no-pressure meeting with colleagues or corporate event attendees, where everyone can have dinner and drinks while overlooking a Californian sunset and palm tree silhouettes.

By night, trip attendees can spend their downtime on Laguna Beach’s quiet shores or head north toward Los Angeles, which is only an hour and a half drive, to get a taste of the famously glamorous nightclubs and restaurants. Few other locations allow you to appeal to both those seeking tranquility and those who are a little more daring with their downtime. Promote both sides of a Laguna Beach incentive trip for ultimate motivation in your sales team or a buzzworthy corporate event.

A Laguna Beach incentive trip or corporate event can be a peaceful, breezy affair, a sunny outdoor adventure, a glamorous getaway or all three. The best part of booking a business group travel trip to this seaside town is how many options you have at your disposal when you arrive. Promote all the great qualities Laguna Beach has to offer to maximize motivation and excitement about your corporate travel plans.

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