We’re back with another entry in the Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations series! Each month in 2016, we’ll be spotlighting places all over the globe that offer fantastic incentive or corporate event travel experiences. Our goal with this series of articles is to take incentive program managers and their participants off the beaten path of typical travel incentives destinations. Providing travel participants a one-of-a-kind experience adds even more excitement to an already motivating travel reward or corporate event. Take our free, expert travel incentives advice—there are lots of unique destinations out there!


The focus of this article is on Maya Riviera, a coastal district in Mexico. The Maya Riviera includes beautiful, sunny cities like Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. It’s a classic leisure and incentive tourism hot-spot compared to more extraordinary destinations like Cuba and Africa, but Maya Riviera is anything but standard. Its combination of advantages is what makes it one of the most compelling incentive travel destinations:

  1. It won’t scare away event management and incentive budget planners.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Maya Riviera is how easy it is on organizations’ event planning or incentive travel funds. “Many of our incentive travel participants like go there because of consistent budget,” says Deven Crane, Senior Account Manager of the Incentive Solutions travel division. “It’s the best value for an all inclusive group travel package.”

Maya Riviera is removed enough from the U.S. to be different and exotic, but close enough that planning a group travel incentive trip there is a breeze. “The airfare is affordable and it’s only a two-hour flight from here in Atlanta,” Crane adds.


  1. Adventure-loving incentive travel participants can explore ancient Mayan culture.

All along the Maya Riviera are historic sites where the remains of ancient Mayan culture are preserved. Exploration of Mayan ruins is a perfect activity for diverse group travel because participants can set their own pace. Those who wish to stroll through the jungles at a slower speed can absorb the formations around them at their leisure. Those who want to plumb the mysterious of the Mayan ruins a little more thoroughly can climb and hike the villages and palaces, or take a river trip to the preserved “Submerged Crocodile” city.Incentive-Travel-Maya-Riviera---event-management

Archaeological digs in the Mayan ruins are still ongoing; much of the ruins still remain uncovered and unseen. For the history enthusiasts and adventure-lovers in your incentive travel group, venturing through the ancient structures can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel like archaeologists exploring the unknown.

  1. Incentive travel groups can enjoy beautiful, underground cave pools.One of the most fascinating and unique activities the Maya Riviera has to offer is the exploration of cenotes, or underground cave pools resulting from the collapse of the limestone bedrock above. These shadowy, beautiful structures are like natural sanctuaries, which ancient Mayans used as places to communicate with their gods or make ritual sacrifices.

Today, cenotes serve as serene, majestic pools where visitors can swim in sun-dappled azure and turquoise waters. Drifting in these gorgeous underwater caves can refreshed even the most hardened, overworked group travel participant.

  1. Maya Riviera travel and tourism includes eco-friendly resorts.

Unlike many tourist hot spots in Mexico and South America, in Maya Riviera you can choose a eco-friendly destination. Resorts such as the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means that they are committed to environmentally-friendly tourism practices that support the surrounding community by meeting specific conservation standards developed by a global alliance.


The Maya Riviera is the ideal destination for a group incentive trip because it includes a variety of exciting experiences, from the soothing to the daring, and because it’s easy on travel planning budgets. It’s a perfect combination of tropical relaxation in the sunshine with serene, sugar sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters, plus Mayan ruin exploration for the adventurous thrill-seekers in your group. Whether your group travel trip serves as an incentive reward for high-performing salespeople or an exciting corporate event, participants will be motivated and engaged on their Maya Riviera journey.

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