Emerson, A Global Technology Firm, Merges Separate Channel Sales Programs

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Channel Sales

Emerson Network Power recently took steps to streamline its Avocent and Liebert brands channel sales programs. The new initiative, the Emerson Network Power Innovation Partnership Program, from the global technology firm joins its two individual programs in order to offer an enhanced and all-inclusive platform for solution providers to access data channel resources.

The new initiative is designed to handle the management of the data center infrastructure of both information technology products manufacturing brands. Avocent handles virtual asset management products and Liebert handles precision cooling wares, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and power management. The two brands work together to offer an infrastructure data center, physical monitoring, and tracking.

Tracy Collins is the director of channel sales and marketing for both brands at the North America division of Emerson and she noted that just about 25 percent of the solution providers currently sell products from both Avocent and Liebert. Research based on communications with the partners revealed that decisive selling opportunities are present.

Collins stated, “It’s putting the Liebert and Avocent sides together in a way that I think makes us a game changer. If you don’t make the program that brings that kind of value with partners, you don’t get the velocity you need.” Collins added that the initial intent was to provide a “broader solutions set” for partners that worked side by side in the market. Having two individual entities with individual rules needed to be rectified. Emerson needed to create a unified program, one with ease of use and equity.

The designing of the two-in-one program needed to focus on keeping the flexibility of each brand while at the same time supporting channel resources and product access. It also needed to streamline the deal registration process for both brands, provide a standard pricing format and an online portal. The portal was implemented to provide partners with centralized access to all available partner resources.

Adding an extra boost to its new program, Emerson’s staff of “locally based data specialists” has been enhanced to offer assistance to partners in a variety of areas, and Avocent and Liebert’s products are now available to a broader range of partners.

The New York Times reported that Emerson acquired Avocent in 2009 through a $1.2 billion deal. Emerson wanted to enhance its “data center management portfolio” in regard to its services and technology infrastructure; acquiring Avocent was a means to this end.

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