Emphasizing Employee Appreciation: Incentive Solutions Wins 2020 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation!

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Here at ISI, employee appreciation within our workplace is not an add-on; it is the core of our business.

Our mission statement reads: “To inspire growth- for our clients and our employees.” And while 2020 has thrown some challenges our way, the dedication of our incredible staff is the reason we continue to grow and achieve.

Thanks to our incredible team, we are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the 2020 Best and Brightest Companies to work for in the nation. We are grateful to grow as a company and look forward to the ways we can enhance our employee appreciation efforts in the years to come.

Best & Brightest 2020 Award

The History of Employee Appreciation at Incentive Solutions

When it comes to the Best and Brightest annual competition, Incentive Solutions has been lucky enough to achieve recognition on a city level. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Incentive Solutions has taken home the prize of Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to work for every year since 2013.

What is our secret to employee appreciation? We like to think it is a combination of

  1. Investing in the personal growth of our staff, and
  2. Implementing workplace rewards and recognition to encourage behaviors that align with our company’s vision.

We also emphasize a set of core values, outlining them in our employee onboarding and integrating them into our daily activity as a company. The core values emphasize the following behaviors:

    • Be Respectful – By respecting our coworkers, our clients, and ourselves, we ensure a company culture that remains open to collaboration and can guarantee a group effort, even in particularly challenging times (or years!).
    • Act Now – By being proactive, seizing the moment, and instilling a plan, maximize the opportunity for growth.
    • Collaborate – By encouraging active listening and asking the right questions, we help each other brainstorm and implement long-lasting solutions. We seek out every possible opinion, allowing faster growth than we would be able to achieve on our own.
    • Do the Right Thing – By maintaining a sense of morality and putting others first, we ensure that our relationships are strong and that our decisions will consistently result in not only the growth of those around us, but our personal growth.
    • Make it better – By reflecting on past work and looking for ways to improve, we grow as a company, and are able to offer our clients the best possible product and service.
    • Take it personally – By taking pride in the quality of everything we produce, we remain focused and motivated. Our work is a reflection of ourselves, and the quality of our production determines our growth.

The Importance of Employee Recognition in the Remote Work Place

As we mentioned earlier, this year brought a few major changes in the way our company interacts on a daily basis. Technology quickly became our strongest ally, and we were grateful to have a digital employee appreciation program in place to maintain our core values in spite of social distancing and remote work policies.

As part of our Employing Excellence reward and recognition program, our employees are able to interact on our virtual, social media-inspired recognition suite. Whether it is a manager recognizing a team effort, or an employee thanking another employee, this wall acted as the glue binding us together as a company, regardless of where we completed our work.

Even better? Our recognition wall is only one part of the employee appreciation strategy we implement. As an employee shows above and beyond behavior, or a department achieves their goals, we provide points that can be used in a virtual shopping catalog. Millions of merchandise options- the one’s we offer to our clients! – are easily accessible via desktop or mobile app, and our employees were able to continue enjoying the fruits of their labor in spite of all the change.

Interested in Employee Recognition & Appreciation Technology for your Business?

Our employee award and recognition programs are not only effective- they are company approved. Whether you’re looking to inspire motivation, increase productivity, implement a retention strategy, or instill stronger company culture, we encourage you to check out our employee rewards and recognition page.

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About Mark Herbert

Mark Herbert is President and CEO of Incentive Solutions. He has more than 30 years of experience overseeing business operations within the incentives industry, helping companies increase channel sales, build customer loyalty, motivate employees, and grow their business.

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