Employee Engagement in the Remote Workforce: “How COVID-19 created the remote workforce” by Samuel Bocetta

by | May 7, 2020 | Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Employee Motivation, Employee Recognition, Online Technology, Team Leadership, Workplace Culture

The question on everyone’s minds these days is this: what will the impact of COVID-19 be on business? Ultimately, no one can say for sure.  What we can do is share information and make our industries as collaborative as possible to help each other adapt.

Today’s topic is centered around the idea of employee engagement in the remote workforce. I wanted to share an excellent article by Samuel Bocetta, published on Brave New Coin, exploring the possible long-term effects of the coronavirus on freelance and remote working, changes in business technology usage, and cybersecurity. These predictions can give business leaders an idea of how to manage workforces and sustain employee engagement in a transitional time.

Thanks, Samuel Bocetta, for gathering important data to help businesses make informed decisions about their future. Change has settled upon us, and it is up to our businesses to adapt, starting with our employees.

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