Employee Engagement Strategy: “3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Organization” by Marie Johnson

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When it comes to employee engagement strategy, the best practices are those that not only recognize and reward employees, but benefit the company as a whole. Today we’d like to share an article published by the Engage for Success organization, a charity founded in the UK dedicated to enhancing the lives of employees through the research and promotion of workplace engagement. Having formed an alliance with CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, this voluntary movement is on a mission to benefit society as a whole:

“Together we will connect a wide community of people professionals, business leaders and volunteers to understand and address the employee engagement challenges and opportunities that form a fundamental part of what makes good work.”

In Marie Johnson’s article, she provides three actionable steps for HR and management as part of an employee engagement strategy for a more productive workplace. These include:

  1. Foster open channels of communication.
  2. Invest in the workplace environment
  3. Regularly implement rewards and recognition

A short, yet effective read with plenty of research and statistics to back her claims, Marie not only provides examples of tools to be used today, but sets her readers up for long-term success through the encouragement of growth:

“It’s important for managers to remember that reward and recognition programs must constantly evolve in order to remain effective… HR trends change frequently, [but] the importance of engaging employees remains constant.”

Thank you, Marie, for your dedication to a happier, healthier workplace!

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