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What sets an incentive travel program apart from the rest? Besides location, itineraries and unrivaled corporate events, attendee gifts are a way for an event planner to engage attendees while showing gratitude and appreciation at the same time. I have seen everything from a logoed chocolate bar on the plates at a final night dinner to embroidered bags and towels given upon arrival.

Whether you choose one large finale gift or smaller items are given each day, the item must be memorable. The following are ideas for choosing the perfect incentive travel room gift:

Brand-Specific Items

Selecting a branded item is always great when choosing attendee room gifts. For a European program full of adventure and sightseeing, a logoed book bag is a perfect accessory for carrying everything you need while on the go. The bag can double as a carry-on and an extra piece of luggage to store all of your souvenirs.

For more fun and sun programs, branded flip-flops with logos stamped on the bottom are not only functional but fun. Mark the sand with each step taken to create a trail of brand icons on the beach! Rubber flip flops have never been more personalized! T-shirts are great for incentive trips laced with a few meetings. Not only can you print the company logo on them, but you can personalize the shirt with program-specific words and images. Attendees can wear them onsite to be easily recognized as being part of a VIP group, and worn once guests return home to brag to others about the trip and ventures they experienced.

Unique Gift Options

During the event planning process, consider a unique gift option for your attendees. Buying local gifts and goods are not only unique and specific to each program, but act as a destination souvenir as well. Contact a local photographer or artist who produces matted images of their work. For a truly personalized gift, include an artist information card so guests can learn more about the local artist and artifact. These pictures can serve as a constant reminder of guests time spent in far-off lands.

Gift baskets are another great option for attendee gifts. They create a beautiful display and allow you to personalize the items as much as you want. For an island program, you can include pieces such as water bottles, sunscreen and bug spray to create a “care package” upon guest arrivals. For more regional programs, gift baskets can be stuffed with items such as local spices, alcohol produced in the area or snacks specific to that territory.

Finally, for the avid traveler, leather-bound journals or passport holders are great options. Not only are these items high end, but can be used more than once. Guests can record their expeditions while onsite with the journal and will know their most precious travel documents are stored safe and sound in the passport holder. Both options can also be logoed for as more branded look and feel.

While incentive travel trips are already gifts within themselves, awarding items to symbolize company gratitude for a job well done, or simply giving tokens to help guests remember their once in a lifetime experience, is not only a nice gesture but an act that can set your program above the rest.

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