Use Channel Technology to Find End Users’ Data

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Channel Incentives, Channel Sales, Customer Data

As a manufacturer, it’s invaluable to have insights into your end users. For example, how they use your product, how easy or difficult they find the purchase or installation process, and which of their needs are or aren’t being met. The problem, of course, is that it’s notoriously difficult for manufacturers and suppliers to consistently find end users and collect accurate, up-to-date channel data.
Use this chart for a few ways you can find end users and channel data that can greatly inform and enhance your B2B marketing and sales strategies.


How to find it

How it helps

Purchase documentation like warranty registrations, receipts, and invoices.Run sales or incentive promotions that reward your channel partners for submitting purchase data and documentation. Make this even easier for channel partners by leveraging online sales claim submission and verification technology that speeds up the reward delivery process.Track buying and interest trends. Anticipate customer needs. Identify knowledge gaps among channel partners and end-users so you can personalize marketing messages and supply them the content or training materials that are most relevant to them.
Contact info directly from end-users.Offer open enrollment into your channel incentive program, raffle drawing entries, or chances to win free warranty extensions, maintenance or supplemental products. End users are more willing to give up data in exchange for valuable rewards, deals, or experiences.Personalize your marketing with more extensive, accurate customer information. Tailor sales training and sales enablement. Anticipate customer/channel partner needs. Build channel partner trust and increase customer retention by referring to a complete record of customers’ situation, interests, and needs.
Product interest and potential needs.Offer a cohesive brand experience to your customers through integration and single-sign-on technology. Make it easy and convenient Provide access to your rebate or reward program directly through your corporate domain. You can then attach a user ID to the program participant and track their interactions with your site, finding out what pages they visit and content they access.Strategically promote the products and services that are most relevant to a specific end-user audience. Eighty percent of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from brands that offer targeted, personalized marketing.

By using today’s advanced channel technology and getting strategic with your sales Incentive and promotion strategies, you no longer have to remain in the dark about who your end-users are and how they feel about your products. Creatively engage channel partners, offer rewards and value in exchange for the data you need most, and you can find end users to educate, engage, and turn into brand advocates.

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About Nichole Gunn

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