Guanacaste Is Exotic without Being Exorbitant!

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Have you been keeping up with our Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations series? If so, thanks for joining us again! If not, let’s recap: every month in 2016, we’ve been devoting an article to an emerging incentive travel destination. Our goal is to share some of our incentive travel industry secrets with you, suggesting unique, cost-effective or new travel opportunities that make great alternatives to popular locations. To browse the entire series, follow our Emerging Incentive Travel Destinations tag.

Where are we going this month? To the lovely Guanacaste in Costa Rica.


When it comes to natural, tropical beauty, no country can quite compare to Costa Rica. But while humid, crowded cities like San Jose and Buenos Aires draw in tourists, your incentive travel group can enjoy themselves in Costa Rica’s most beautiful, unique spots, teeming with extraordinary sights and endless activities available nowhere else in the world.

Perfect Weather for Outdoor Corporate Events

Most of Costa Rica is inevitably, unavoidably hot and humid. For the faint of heart or those who simply don’t like to be drenched in sweat every time they leave their hotel room, Guanacaste is a wonderful alternative. It is the most sparsely population region of Costa Rica and experiences much less rainfall than other areas, particularly during its dry season from November until April.

This makes Guanacaste the perfect location for outdoor corporate events. Host a presentation or dinner backed by luscious palm trees, golden sands and bright blue skies without worrying that a tropical rainstorm or scorching heat will ruin it.

The Best in Wildlife Tour Travel without Breaking the Bank

Guanacaste’s unique climate and undeveloped land make it a haven for thriving wildlife, including three wildlife reserves and no less than seven national parks. When you can’t afford the price or travel time to a wildlife wonderland like Africa or Australia for your incentive trip, Guanacaste is the next best thing.
Attendees can visit refuges like the lush El Viejo Wetlands or the Palo Verde National Park, which is a 45,500-acre patchwork of natural habitats, including savannas, mangrove swamps, marshes, salt ponds and evergreen forests. A migratory area that is visited by at least 300 tropical bird species, it is the largest concentration of waterfowl and shorebirds in Central America, including egrets, herons, ducks, parrots, macaws and toucans. Exotic mammals like coatimundis, monkeys, peccaries and jaguarondi can also be spotted in Guanacaste habitats.

Limitless Team Building Activities Make Everyone Happy!

Guanacaste’s diverse terrain means not only are there many different things, but there’s also plenty to do! Whether your incentive trip attendees are feeling cozy or crazy or anything in between, there’s something for everyone, making it ideal for a group travel destination.

The thrill-seekers in your group can go whitewater rafting on the churning Tenorio River; zip-line over the Witch’s Rock canopy; catch sightings of stingrays, humpback whales, dolphins and orcas while scuba diving in the Catalina Islands; cross hanging bridges on a rainforest tour; hike to the summit of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano or head to the coast of Playa Negra, where the famous barrel waves are ideal for surfing.

For those more interested in relaxing during trip downtime, how about bathing in mineral-rich volcanic mud, or simply treating muscles to soothing, volcanic hot springs? Or catching sight of iguanas, crocodiles, exotic birds and tropical sunsets while coasting along on a boat tour of the Tempisque River? Or simply reading a book on the beach?

Guanacaste’s seclusion, abundant wildlife, natural beauty and agreeable weather make it one of our most popular incentive trip destinations. Trips attendees would be hard-pressed to find something not appealing about this beautiful, untamed land. When you don’t want to go too far from your U.S. headquarters but you still want to treat your trip attendees to awe-inspiring, unforgettable experience, you’ll never go wrong planning an event or group business trip to Guanacaste.

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