Hertz Delves Deeper Into Its Customer Loyalty Initiative With New Program

by | Oct 11, 2011 | Customer Loyalty

The planet’s leading car rental company, The Hertz Corporation, just announced that it initiated a new customer loyalty program geared toward rewarding loyal customers. Hertz has 8,500 facilities in 146 nations worldwide.

Hertz’s innovative program, the Gold Plus Rewards, will move the company further along in its customer loyalty programs by allowing customers to choose from a large assortment of features that include:

  • Option to choose a car from the Hertz new Adrenaline Collection
  • Online and easy accessible redeemable points
  • “AnyDay” rewards exempt from blackout periods

Hertz chairman and chief executive officer Mark Frissora said, “Gold Plus Rewards is the most advantageous rewards program in the industry with points that don’t expire and that don’t have blackout dates.” The intent behind the program’s design was to allow members to rapidly accumulate rewards so they could “begin using their free rental days.” Noted as a superior program, Gold Plus demonstrates customer input taken to heart. Frissora added, “In addition to free rental days, we’re enabling all customers to take advantage of Hertz’s premiere, expedited rental process.”

As an incentive to sign-up for the new loyalty program Hertz is offering a bonus of 500 points, which is equivalent to a free rental day on a weekend. This perk, for qualifying agreements, is plus 100 bonus points for each paid day of rental. To further boost the motivating factor, Hertz is dismissing the usual $60 fee for Gold Plus sign-up.

Marketing Week reports that businesses worldwide are taking note of the advantages of initiating customer loyalty programs geared toward rewarding loyal customers and harnessing a client base that appreciates feeling welcomed and recognized, as well as one that appreciates being given greater benefits for less cost.

Nectar, a customer relationship partner, was launched nine years ago and crosses multiple sectors. With a finger on consumer trends, the firm predicts “consumer attitudes toward loyalty programs.” Along with this, Nectar advises how companies can utilize marketing to attract potential customers.

Marketing director of Nectar, James Fros, told a news source, “I think people used to have far more tolerance they’d understand if they received something irrelevant to them as part of a mass mailing.” He added that people today are lacking patience, and should be because everyone is aware of the possibilities. Today’s consumers expect targeted and relevant marketing.

Brand recognition is essential, according to Fros, and is the market lead “in identifying trends that potential customers look for” when deciding on how to disburse their business.

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