How do incentive programs work? You might just find the answers you need in our brand new Incentive Solutions FAQ.

As part of our commitment to being the definitive resource for all things incentive program-related, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of answers to the questions people frequently have about incentive programs. This is a living, breathing document that we’ll be continuously updating

How Do Incentive Programs Work? Choose Which Category You’d Like to Learn More About

Our incentive program FAQ is divided into six sections (although we will be adding more in the future).

People who are just starting to learn about incentive programs (or need a quick refresher on some of the basic concepts) will probably want to start with one of these two pages:

  • Incentive Program FAQ: This page provides a quick-hitting introduction to incentive programs. Here, you’ll find answer to questions like, “What is an incentive program?” and “How do incentives change behavior?”
  • Incentive Rewards FAQ: This page gives you an idea of what types of rewards to use for your incentive program. You’ll learn why non-cash rewards are more effective than cash and how incentive travel works.

For people who are a little more advanced – you know about the basics of incentive programs but want to learn more about specific program types and strategies – you might want to check out the following pages:

  • Channel Sales FAQ: This page will help you define your channel sales incentive strategy and give you a quick introduction to channel incentive program best practices.
  • Sales Incentives FAQ: Are you looking to create an incentive program that motivates more productivity and profitability from your sales team? You’ll definitely want to check out our sales incentive program FAQ.
  • Loyalty Program FAQ: Looking to learn more about loyalty programs? This page will answer, “Why are customers loyalty to brands?” and “Do loyalty programs work?”
  • Employee Incentive Program FAQ: Need ideas for your employee incentive program? This page is a great place to start.

Become an Incentive Program Expert!

Are you looking to get past the basics to become a bonafide incentive program expert? Our BthruB Incentive Program Playbook goes even more in-depth on these topics.

And, of course, if you want answers to questions you don’t see here, we’ll be happy to answer those personally for you. Give us a shout!

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