How Social Media and B2B Marketing Can Work Together

by | Jun 30, 2015 | B2B Marketing, Incentive Solutions, Steve Damerow

Atlanta, June 16, 2015 / PRWeb / Steve Damerow is CEO of Incentive Solutions, a company that specializes in sales channel incentive programs, and host of the talk radio show “Business Matters.” On the latest episode of his show, Damerow invited guests Celeste Simmons with Big Social Marketing and Luke Kreitner, Vice President of Operations at Incentive Solutions, a customer loyalty and reward program provider, to discuss how social media and B2B marketing strategies converge.

Big Social Marketing, according to Simmons, manages social media for companies. They write social media content, post it and conduct follow-up conversations with customers about it. The benefit, Simmons said, is that “you are educating your consumers or your salespeople. [Social media is][/Social] your tool to use as you see fit… If you don’t engage customers, it’s going to hurt you.”

Kreitner and Loyaltyworks have a similar objective to Big Social Marketing, which is to help companies achieve their objectives. “If that [objective is][/objective] to grow sales, then we talk about who’s most influential in the sales process to make sure you’re getting your message out there.” Whereas Big Social Marketing use social media to achieve this goal, Loyaltyworks using incentive programs that reward employees and sales channel partners for lucrative, desirable behaviors such as promoting products. “We work with manufacturers and distributors that have a global distribution network,” Kreitner said. “They’re trying to create mindshare so that the distributor, when they wake up in the morning, is thinking about Product X.”

Simmons discussed how social media strategies can help Loyaltyworks and B2B clients achieve distribution marketing goals. “That same email blast you use to make clients aware of current incentives can turn into a social media post,” Simmons said. When Damerow asked Simmons about the best social media vehicle for the sales channel market, she said, “My favorite at the moment is LinkedIn for B2B clients in particular. We join certain groups based on who you market. You can post your business link. You can post the same content that you put on your business blog on LinkedIn.”

Steve Damerow’s “Business Matters” show regularly covers topics like these and other issues that are important to B2B businesses developing sales channel marketing strategies. The talk show gathers industry experts together in a commercial-free and uninterrupted environment where ideas and best practices can be exchanged freely.

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About Nichole Gunn

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