How to Boost Your Incentive Program with the Right Points Reward Program

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Incentive Program

Learn how to boost your incentive program without investing in expensive – or ineffective – rewards. Today’s employees demand recognition and expect to receive high-value items in exchange for even the simplest tasks. Go too far, and you’ll waste a bundle. Not far enough? They won’t bother registering for your program.

If you want to engage your staff and create an incentive culture, you’ll have to go the extra mile. Thanks to developments by Incentive Solutions, simple, effective and affordable solutions are available. Discover the secret to revitalizing your incentive program by uncovering what motivates your worker base.

Using the Impact of Instant Rewards

Many incentive programs rely on building toward bigger goals. Manager of the Year or Most Sales for the Quarter aren’t always enough to inspire employees to do their best. In fact, they can feel so out of reach for entry-level candidates that they’re more intimidating than inspiring.

Some companies shy away from recognizing individuals entirely and focus instead on team effort. In an attempt to create a healthy company culture where everyone feels appreciated, top performers can feel left out in the cold. What’s worse is when certain employees slack off and benefit from others’ hard work. The frustration of those situations contributes to falling productivity and high turnover.

How can you turn your workers on and keep them engaged throughout the year? Incentive Solutions has worked out numerous programs that effectively keep employees striving to do their best. One, in particular, has the power to sustain that momentum like no other because it taps into the power of instant gratification.

Using our Quick Points module, managers can create digital reward certificates and immediately present them to deserving employees. Hear an associate handle a demanding customer? See someone overcome a problem they’ve been struggling to manage? Have a feeling a key employee hasn’t received the public credit they deserve? There are a million and one situations where Quick Points makes the difference between a valuable employee feeling recognized or having them look for another job.

Quick Points Allows for Discretion

Ask any manager what their first surprises were on the job, and it’s likely they’ll mention coworker squabbles. Employees can act more like siblings than professionals. It’s one reason many businesses insist workers keep the amount of their salaries quiet. Competition for advancement and raises is fierce, but so is the race for recognition. Everyone thinks they deserve positive attention, and hackles raise quickly when it looks like the boss has an office pet.

With Quick Points, a manager can reward an employee privately without the whole office watching.

This quiet, discreet method of immediate recognition still matters, even without a public acknowledgment. On the contrary, because it is so fast and handled privately, it makes even more of an impact. Quick Points is an invaluable tool for those business owners and management teams focused on changing employee behaviors. It makes it possible to reward those who are struggling with tasks without offending coworkers who already have them down pat.

Motivate Employees with the Right Rewards

The best incentive for your business can change from one employee to the next. Offering rewards your workers aren’t interested in will completely sap the effectiveness of your program.

Incentive Solutions is much more than a reward fulfillment service, but we have one of the most robust catalogs in the business. Your employees will have the opportunity to bank their points until they can afford to trade them in for products they want. They have millions of options, from new phones to phone charges.

However, it’s important to note the impact simply receiving points has on your staff. Gamification continues to grow in popularity for a reason. People thrive on recognition. We designed our system to offer enough of it in enough ways to keep your workforce engaged.

Having the ability to customize and easily control your program also means you don’t have to worry about going broke.

You control the number of points your managers can assign based on department or time frame. Put limits on how many points get rewarded based on training, sales performance and other variables. Paired with our organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting module, it’s quick and easy to determine which employees are progressing and to assess the effectiveness of your incentive program.

Learn How to Boost Your Incentive Program

Learn how to boost your incentive program and improve employee performance to increase your bottom line. Incentive Solutions has the answers to all your engagement problems. Connect with us now to learn how to boost your incentive program and more about the benefits Quick Points provides.

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