How to Develop a Reward Incentive Program to Increase Employee Engagement

by | Jul 23, 2013 | Employee Engagement, Employee Loyalty, Employee Recognition, Incentive Industry, Incentive Programs, Loyalty Programs, Travel Incentives

Do your employees seem disgruntled with their jobs? Is turnover becoming a continuous, costly challenge for your company? Training new employees mean a substantial amount of time and resources lost. In addition, a high turnover rate can decrease employee motivation, as well as employee engagement. A fun alternative to dealing with this problem is to implement an incentive reward program at your company. But what type of incentive solutions could you offer to your employees that won’t cost an arm and a leg? The answer is incentive travel.

With the recent strain of the slowing economy, many employees cannot afford to spend their free time traveling. Without the outlet of travel, many employees are spending their vacation time with their families on “staycations” that are dissatisfying. Offering your employees a reward incentive program centered upon travel can vastly improve morale and job satisfaction while educating your top earners on your new products and upcoming promotions.

The implementation of a travel-based reward incentive program can be a daunting task with many steps. As with most challenges in life, having a simple plan of action can make the process go by much more smoothly. At Incentive Solutions we take all of the hassle out of the planning process, vastly reducing the cost of your trip.

First and foremost, being selective about your location and date can save you a bundle. As we research possible destinations for your employees, we save you money through various venues, such as offering all-inclusive locations and off-season travel dates. That way you will still offer your employees the recognition they deserve, without breaking your wallet. Your employees will enjoy all the health and wellness that a travel incentive offers, and our hotel partnerships around the globe offer more flexibility in terms of price and availability. At Incentive Solutions, we will even negotiate your site contracts free of charge.

At Incentive Solutions, we know all the ways to plan your trip in order to ensure your travel incentive program is easy to implement. We will do all of the time-consuming planning for you in order to ensure that your program is a success, offering solutions to any problems that may arise along the way, such as negotiating with vendors and periodically generating cost-savings reports for your employees to admire. After all, you want to make sure your boss is aware of how much money you have saved throughout the process of planning this travel incentive program, don’t you? We take the worry and cost out of the planning… Rewarding your employees for their hard work with well-deserved travel incentives is just one way that you can say thank you while increasing employee productivity and employee motivation at your place of employment.

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