The Electrical Distributor Magazine Quoted Steve Damerow on “How to Get Closer to your Customer in 2018”

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Contractor Loyalty

What are the best ways for distributors to establish and maintain customer loyalty in the current selling environment? This crucial question is addressed by Steve Damerow in an article published in The Electrical Distributor, “How to Get Closer to your Customer in 2018.”

Steve emphasizes that it’s not enough to sell—it’s essential to get involved with customers’ success. He sees “mindshare” as the most important weapon in a distributor’s arsenal right now, in an era where Amazon Business has yet to establish itself as more than just a low-price, quick-delivery leader.

Steve advises tells distributors to set up online portals where customers can go for everything they need—for training, featuring certain products, doing surveys, offering tutorials and more. It’s important to ensure that those portals offer two-way communications via feedback mechanisms, as well as programs and projects that contractors can’t access anywhere else. This all plays back to the primary goal of becoming involved in customers’ success on many levels to gain mindshare, instead of merely selling to them.

You can learn more valuable strategies by reading the full article.

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