Mobile Tech to Enhance Your HVAC Performance Incentives Program

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Channel Incentives, Incentive Technology, Increase Sales, Performance Incentives, Sales Incentives

Many business adopt a performance incentives program to increase sales and boost motivation in sales teams. How can HVAC manufacturers effectively use this strategies to increase sales with their dealer and distributor sales reps? That’s the question we tackled in an article recently published by SNIPS magazine: Improve Reward Programs with Mobile Apps.

How do mobile apps help HVAC manufacturers motivate dealers and distributors? Mobile technology allows you to deliver incentive rewards fast. Speed is crucial in the world of HVAC distributors, where the decisions and actions that boost sales happen quickly, on the go. An HVAC distributor or sales rep who receives a reward immediately after taking a picture of a warranty registration and submitting it through his phone, for example, has far more incentive to submit that warranty registration than an HVAC distributor who has to get back to an office and scan or fax the registration to the manufacturer.

Here are a few more benefits mobile technology brings to HVAC performance incentive programs:

Automatic tracking makes the performance incentives program easier to manage.

Performance incentive mobile apps track sales claims submitted and reward points earned by HVAC sales reps, reducing the administrative work required to manage the incentive program. Participants in the program and sponsors of the program see the same reward points tracking system updated in real-time, making the program straight-forward and transparent.

Quick incentive rewards make warranty registrations worth submitting.

Why don’t HVAC sales reps submit warranty registrations? Because they don’t see the effort as worth their time. A performance incentive program they can access through their phones, though, makes the process simpler and easier. They can quickly scan the warranty’s QR code, bar code or serial number and submit it without having to leave the installation site. In turn, more warranty registrations help you improve customers satisfaction, collect end-user data and boost profit margin.

Performance incentive program mobile apps feature instant sales claim upload, push notifications and saved login.

Other benefits and features of mobile performance incentives programs include the ability to quickly upload invoices, receipts and other documentation to validate reward claims. HVAC dealers and sales reps can also receive mobile push notifications alerting them to program updates, new sales promotions in their area and more. Mobile app login allows program participants to log into the program once and stay logged in.

Check out the full SNIPS article for more details on how to leverage mobile technology in your performance incentive program to boost HVAC sales and motivate HVAC distributors!

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About Luke Kreitner

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