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Making improvements and adjustments to an organization is always a possibility. A hard working staff is obviously ideal for any company, but sometimes seems unattainable. However, motivation and increased performance can be achieved by making several improvements to your employee recognition and motivation program. Operating a highly effective incentives plan is typically the key to success.

Categorize Your Employees

All organizations are made up of a unique variety of employees, with many diverse personalities. As a manager, it is important to understand that all employees are different, and not one of them works in the same manner. Performance traits can vary, depending on the individual, which can be helpful in deciding which types of incentives will work for each group. When constructing your employee incentive and rewards program, start by categorizing your employees into three main groups. From there you can see where their motivation comes from.

Top Performers

  • Typically only 5-10% of employees
  • Desirable rewards should be offered to motivate others
  • Since they are typically high performers anyway, incentives should push them to the next level
  • Travel incentives often work well for this group, as does unique experiences such as Super Bowl and World Series tickets

Middle Group

  • Typically 40-60% of work force.
  • Members of this group typically have room for improvement
  • Incentives should be positive and fun
  • Incentive Program should look to inspire and motivate
  • Rewards should be simple and easy to obtain

Lower Performers

  • Typically10-20% of workforce.
  • These members could be lacking skill or motivation, or sometimes they simply will never try harder
  • Incentives should aim to motivate and teach
  • Rewards should inspire employees to reach a higher level of performance and should have a plan for growth with in the company

Stay Away From Common Traps

Making improvements to your employee incentives program will also require a great amount of research in advance. Several common traps that often appear ideal from the outside could end up damaging your program in the end. Avoid falling into traps that suggest you only reward your top performers or only offer one generic prize. These methods may seem like they would work, but they will result in many unhappy employees, and their motivation will fail to increase.

When Designing Your Own Program

Think Simple

If your employee incentives program is too complicated or lengthy, it will most likely be ignored. Although it may be a well-designed plan, employees will not want to take the time to read through and understand it. Select a specific goal or objective and go with it.

Points System

To give employees more freedom, reward with points instead. Offer a catalogue of online rewards your participants can choose from, and allow them to redeem their points whenever they desire.

Reward Everyone

Although not all employees who participate in your business incentives plan will achieve the same success, it is important to reward everyone who makes improvements. By keeping track of everyone’s progress, and rewarding for increased efforts, you can ensure will remain inspired.

Stay Positive

Employee incentive programs should not be boring! In order to increase performance, motivation, and overall happiness, it is important to keep incentive programs fresh and exciting. Focus on positive aspects throughout the entire process!

If you are interested in making improvements to your company’s incentive program, contact a talented agent at Incentive Solutions today! They will be more than happy to design a program that will take your company to the next level!

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