Is Your Incentive Company Providing You These 6 Things?

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Interested in upgrading or launching an incentive program, but not sure what to expect from an incentive solution company? All incentive companies offer rewards, but many don’t offer the additional expertise, tools, and options that can take your incentive program from a simple rewards mechanism to a sophisticated, custom sales and marketing tool. So… fight for your right to have an incentive program that’s as effective as possible! Demand these six things from any incentive company you work with:

1. Incentive Reward Neutrality

A good incentive program provider won’t pressure you into using a particular type of reward just because it’s in their best interest. The best program providers will work together with you to learn about your business, as well as the wants and needs of your program participants.

2. Diverse Reward Optionsincentive solution company

When it comes to rewards, the last thing people want is to be limited to a small catalog of options. That’s why it’s important to choose an incentive program provider that can give you access to everything from concert tickets to microwaves to Hawaiian vacations. The effectiveness of reward types depends on your program’s goals and participant audience. When it comes to incentives, you want to pull out the big guns when necessary, but never use a mallet to do a scalpel’s job.

3. Effective Rewards Program Marketing and Communication

For a rewards program to succeed, communication is key. Keeping program participants engaged with mobile push notifications, emails, and printed mailers are vital ways to keep an incentive program thriving. Make sure your provider offers multiple ways to connect with your participant base!

4. The Fun Factor

Speaking of connections, utilizing social media and games in an incentive program is a fantastic way to up participation.

5. Flexible, Configurable Incentive Technology

An effective incentive program allows for flexibility. Providers not only should have an extensive toolbox of features to choose from, but also the capability to customize those tools to suit your needs.

6. Incentive Program ROI and Performance Measurement

If a program provider isn’t supplying you with an ROI calculator, it could be a sign that they’re not confident in their program’s ability to show results. A reliable incentive program provider will offer you features like an ROI calculator, account management advisors and easy-to-understand reports on progress.

Don’t settle for less!

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About Steve Damerow

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