Incentive Industry News: Nichole Gunn Promoted to VP of Marketing & Creative Services

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Earlier this morning Incentive Solutions released an exciting PR, announcing that Nichole Gunn has been promoted to VP of Marketing & Creative Services. Over the last eleven years, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Nichole and watch her really grow in her role at ISI. Her promotion was well-deserved.

Nichole Gunn has always been driven and has always pushed for new solutions to make our organization (and the incentive industry as a whole) better. In terms of marketing, Nichole really lead the charge to bring Incentive Solutions into the digital era, building our web presence and optimizing digital lead generation.

However, she didn’t stop there. Nichole helped champion the great company culture we have at Incentive Solutions today. Her efforts have made Incentive Solutions a top destination for top incentive industry talent. She led the campaign for maternity leave, pushed for a more casual dress code to reflect our ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos, and helped us implement flex hours and remote work days for our employees.

Incentive Industry Leadership Team Development

Over the past three to four years, Nichole Gunn has really developed as a leader, becoming one of the top strategic minds at Incentive Solutions. She has a great understanding of trends in the incentive industry, and has been able to keep us at the forefront of B2B marketing. In addition to working with the leadership team, Nichole oversees the marketing and communications department at ISI, which she built from scratch.

She sang their praises in her press release: “I have been able to build a team of truly competent people, who want to learn and grow and who are never satisfied. I’ve been able to really surround myself with people who are constantly pushing to make it better.”

Today, the marketing team is responsible for all of Incentive Solutions in and outbound marketing. Additionally, her team is responsible for the communication plans we implement with all of our incentive programs, where we market towards program participants to keep them aware, engaged, and participating.

What Nichole Gunn Brings to Incentive Industry Leadership

When I assembled the leadership team at Incentive Solutions, one of the things I tried to do was to surround myself with people of different strengths. Nichole Gunn, in addition to her creativity, is relentless, never satisfied, and does a great job at holding everyone accountable. She gets everyone around her to operate at a higher level.

At Incentive Solutions, our focus is on inspiring growth, and it’s great to have people like that on your side. Complacency is the enemy of growth, but it’s hard to be complacent with people like Nichole Gunn around.

By combining our strengths and sharing our insights, the leadership team at Incentive Solutions is ready to shake up the incentive industry and to provide new solutions, improved incentive technology, and greater value to our clients.


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