The Incentive Insider Newsletter April 2016

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April, 2016

Masters in the Art of Motivation

We’re in the business of helping our clients show appreciation to their affiliates and workforces but, we have to admit, it feels good to be on the other side of appreciation! Earlier this year, Incentive magazine announced that Incentive Solutions and Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating were the winners of the 2015 Motivation Master Award for Best Channel Sales Program!
The program was more than just successful. We dropped jaws. We took no prisoners. Ductless Rewards was an all-out slam dunk, earning an ROI of over 300%! That’s the kind of results we love to see when we work closely with clients and really get into their shoes and understand their pain points.

Thank you, Mitsubishi Electric, for being amazing partners. Let’s take 2016 by storm!

You Want Them to Participate? You Gotta Communicate

Got a new product, promotion, or SPIF you want to get your team pumped about? We know how to get in touch with your participants the right way and generate hype about your exciting promotions and incentives. Our creative services and communications experts have the big ideas that lead to big ROI for your incentive program.

Katie Harton, our Communication Expert, recently conducted a multi-channel communication campaign to engage inactive program participants. How did her experiment go? Check out this presentation to find out.

If you want to kick off your own activation campaign or spread awareness about a new incentive promotion, give us a call! Let us help you get a compelling, engaging message out to the people you need to reach.

Get Your Game on with Spin-to-Win and Scratch Off Coming Soon!

The effectiveness of gamification in incentive programs is impossible to ignore. There are plenty of case studies out there reporting on companies’ success with gamification techniques. Hewlett-Packard increased revenue by 54.6%, for instance, and Cisco increased sales by 10%. We’re not ones to argue with the cold, hard facts, so we’re bringing gamification to our incentive program technology!

Contact your Account Manager today to learn more about adding Spin-to-Win and Scratch Off to your program.

Our Account Managers Are Ready to Be Your ROI Boots on the Ground!!

We recently sent VP of Sales Luke Kreitner out on a journey to become a Certified ROI Professional (CRP) by completing The ROI Institute’s CRP program. Then we thought, “Why not provide clients with an entire team of Account Managers and Account Executives who are ROI experts?” So we’ve set out to do just that.

“We want our Account Managers and Account Executives to be able to apply The ROI Institute’s proven ROI methodology to assist clients in measuring ROI and maximizing program performance,” Luke said.

Our Account Managers and Account Executives have all officially completed ROI bootcamp and are now working on an ROI project to reinforce their training. Good work, troops!

Want to Know What Your Participants Can’t Live Without? Here are the Top Redeemed Rewards of 2015

We want you to be able to promote the rewards that will motivate your participants the most, so we crunched the data and took a look at what the top-redeemed merchandise items were for 2015.The top three most popular categories in our reward catalog were:

  1. Electronic
  2. Home and Garden
  3. Sporting Goods

So what were the most popular brands and rewards within these categories? Here are the top five for each:


  1. Apple iPads (all models)
  2. Beats by Dre headphones (all models)
  3. GoPro cameras
  4. Google Chromecast
  5. Samsung HGTVs

Home & Garden

  1. Keurig
  2. Cajun Cookware
  3. Oster
  4. Magic Bullet
  5. Kitchen Aid

Sporting Goods

  1. Titleist
  2. Fitbit
  3. Northwest
  4. Camelback
  5. Nike

If your program needs a little extra boost in redemption rates, try pushing out some marketing reminding participants that they can earn these rewards in our catalog.

Give the People What They Want: Yetis!

Have you heard about Yeti cups? They were the Tickle Me Elmo of the 2015 holiday season. Everyone wanted one, but they were sold out everywhere. Yeti tumblers, ramblers and bottles are famous for their ability keep drinks hot or cold twice as long as plastic. Well, we know how annoying it is to pour out half your coffee because it went cold, so we are partnering with Bass Pro Shop to offer Yeti products in our reward catalog! Bringing your participants the hottest, top-notch, most-wanted brands is our goal. We want our incentive rewards to be totally irresistible, after all. Yeti items and lots more will be available in our catalog soon, so keep an eye out!

Get on Air with Us on “Business Matters”!

CEO of the Incentive Solutions Group of Companies, Steve Damerow, has his own radio talk-show, Business Matters, and our clients are always welcome to be part of it! Want to talk business best practices with Steve? Spread the word about your company’s latest accomplishment? Share all the things you love and hate about B2B? Debate quantum physics? Heck, if you can somehow relate it to incentive programs or B2B marketing, let’s do it! Contact us today to schedule a spot, and let’s get chatting.

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Quarterly Announcements
Courtney Collins, Sales Sorceress and Star Employee of the Year!
Courtney Collins

Congratulations to Courtney Collins, our overachieving, outstanding, extra-mile-going employee of the year!

Courtney has been with us for 18 years and has never lost her spark nor her enthusiasm in all that time. She started off as an Account Manager and transitioned to the sales team a year ago. Since then, she has proven time and again that she has what it takes to be a superstar. “Clients resonate with her,” says our CEO, Steve Damerow. “She is a unique combination of can-do attitude, business acumen and account-centric experience, all in a pleasant package.”

Killin’ It, Katie! Our Star Employee of the Quarter is Katie Harton
Katie Harton

Katie has only been with us for about a year, but she continues to impress us more and more with every project she takes on! She hit the ground running with her go-getter personality and boundless enthusiasm.

According to one of our company principles, Take It Personally, being part of the ISI team means taking pride and ownership in everything you do. This is a quality that Katie has in spades. “I can’t think of anyone who better embodies the principle ‘Take It Personally,'” says Mandy Freeman, Director of Account Management. “Katie commits to projects whole-heartedly and has the drive and energy to make sure she produces work all of us, as a company, can take pride in.”

<strong>About </strong>Luke Kreitner

About Luke Kreitner

Luke Kreitner is the VP of Sales at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that specializes in helping B2B businesses accelerate growth, increase sales, motivate channel partners and retain B2B customers.

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