One of the most important qualities your incentive program can have is the ability to change when necessary. Your organization has multiple parts that make up the whole; shouldn’t the same be true of your incentive program? You should always be able to update your program’s goals, reflecting particular objectives for certain groups or individuals. The program should grow with your company. According to the Performance Improvement Council, one of the mistakes managers make in executing incentive programs is expecting the program to bear fruit after only a few simple steps of implementation. Instead, incentive programs should be viewed as fully integrated marketing plans designed to modify your employees behavior. One of the ways to accomplish that is through incentive program module technology.

Aligning all your goals is the best way to execute an incentive plan and meet your company’s unique needs. Atlanta-based incentive company Incentive Solutions uses incentive program modules for all incentive programs. Modules are the best way to build a custom, multi-functional program that can incorporate many goals.

For example, what if you want to implement. . .

  1. an incentive program for distributors that focuses on increasing sales
  2. another program for your inside sales team that focuses on boosting revenue and product knowledge
  3. a safety reward program for your warehouse employees

All of these programs and others are possible with modular incentive program technology. You shouldn’t have to push multiple departments’ or even multiple individuals within a department toward a single, one-size-fits-all goal. Rather, multiple employees and multiple departments should all be motivated to achieve separate goals and objectives that promote their particular success. Let’s look at several Incentive Solution modules that help you isolate specific goals and apply them to as many departments as necessary.

Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting

Incentive Solutions created an Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting module to help you understand various promotions and programs as they relate to different departments and individuals. Which kind of promotions receive the best response?

Which individuals respond well to short-term promotions? Is one group more motivated than others by a particular module? The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting module helps you answer these questions and adjust your incentive program accordingly by providing extensive reports on incentive program usage. The organizational and reporting features allow your department heads to run their own promotions and manage their own objectives.

Performance Tracking

The Performance Tracking module is a powerful and flexible hub for sales promotions. The module allows you to set up multiple promotions and set the parameters and restrictions of each. In other words, you can challenge group A to push X amount of a product to the most relevant regions, while running another promotion challenging group B to sell Y percent more replacement parts. The Performance Tracking module allows you to define specific sales goals, which are the most successful kind. It also allows you to track those goals and find out how well your employees and partners are following them.

Total Recognition Suite

Incentive Solutions also provides a Total Recognition Suite module that is ideal for Human Resources (HR) departments. HR employees won’t be able to join promotions and sell products like a sales team instead, their goal is creating a positive and supportive work environment.

With the Total Recognition Suite, they earn recognition through a peer-to-peer, social media platform. Just like you reward salespeople with large point balances for closing big accounts, you can reward HR personnel for closing client issues in a timely manner and coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Learn and Earn

Modules like Learn and Earn focus on motivating employees to fulfill their training and stay educated on important department issues. The survey and quiz options in the Learn and Earn module can be used in a Safety Incentive Program. Since safety education is so crucial in many industries and departments, and quizzes can help you make sure your employees are up to date on policies for preventing and reporting accidents and safety violations.

All of these features can be mixed, matched, tweaked and perfected into the exact kind of incentive program your organization needs. Incentive Solutions program modules were created in response to customers’ feedback concerning their employee engagement challenges. You can choose to focus on department-specific incentive programs like Sales Incentives, or expand opportunities for earning rewards. Incentive program modules offer you the tools to be as exact or inclusive as you need to be to develop a targeted program that produces measureable results.


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About Luke Kreitner

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