Incentive Solutions Uses Employee Recognition Programs To Reduce Employee Turnover

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Atlanta, April 8, 2013 / PRWeb / Incentive Solutions, a premium provider of sales incentive programs, channel incentive programs, incentive travel and employee reward programs, is announcing a renewed focus on creating employee recognition programs for their clients. Powered by the RewardTrax Total Recognition Suite, Incentive Solutions’ employee recognition programs help clients recognize, reward and foster the retention of productive employees. Incentive Solutions’ CEO Steve Damerow says “companies know they’ve got to do reduce employee turnover and costs accrued as a result. Retaining knowledgeable, productive employees is necessary because they know the most about your business and typically make you the most money. They also keep you from accruing cost on new hires and training.”

The RewardTrax Total Recognition Suite is the power behind all Incentive Solutions employee recognition programs. It provides clients with a full recognition platform, and even contains a built-in social network that allows both participants and management to share recognition with and about each other. The Total Recognition Suite creates an entire culture built around recognition, and contains the following:

  • Service Awards
  • Birthday Acknowledgements
  • On-The-Spot Recognition Awards
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition Awards
  • Nomination Processes
  • Suggestion Awards
  • Associate Referral Program
  • Sales Referral Program
  • Training
  • Surveys and Quizzes
  • Performance Management

Damerow says, “When employees are recognized and feel satisfied with their jobs, the Corporate Executive Board say they’re 87% less likely to look for other career opportunities. That means you reduce employee turnover expenses by 87%. Where I come from, that’s a huge cost savings. It also provides your company with a loyal and motivated workforce, which it needs to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Incentive Solutions say this focus, combined with the new technology they’ve developed and will roll out in the future, will provide their clients with maximum engagement and return on investment (ROI). According to the Corporate Executive Board study, employee recognition programs can produce employees who are 57% more effective and engaged in their jobs, which means they’re 57% more productive and profitable for their company. Incentive Solutions is confident their efforts will produce even larger returns for clients in the future.

About Incentive Solutions

In 1994, the ISI group launched Incentive Solutions to focus on the incentive travel needs of their customers. In 2005, Incentive Solutions launched an online reward solution via RewardTrax, a web-based platform that helps manage debit card reward programs, sales incentive programs, employee recognition programs and employee reward programs. RewardTrax is a powerful program management solution that provides point-based merchandise programs and reloadable prepaid debit card reward programs. The ISI group was recently recognized as an Inc. 5000 company and received AAA accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

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