Incentive Solutions Works With The Atlanta Community Tool Bank To Build A Stronger Atlanta

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Charity Involvement, Incentive Industry

Incentive Solutions Works With The Atlanta Community Tool Bank To Build A Stronger Atlanta

Incentive Solutions and the Atlanta Community Tool Bank work together to give Atlanta’s non-profit organizations the tools they need to succeed.

Incentive Solutions works with Tool Bank of Atlanta

Atlanta, September 28, 2012 / PRNewswire / Incentive Solutions, a premium provider of online incentive programs, incentive reward programs, business incentive programs and employee recognition programs, and all of its employees have recently begun a charitable initiative that pairs them with the Atlanta Community Tool Bank, a non-profit organization that supplies tools to assist the efforts of other non-profit, charitable organizations around Atlanta. Amber Johnson, the Director of Operations and the Care Committee for Incentive Solutions says, “The city of Atlanta has been so good to us that we wanted to find a way to give as much of our time, and to help as many of Atlanta’s charitable organizations as possible. We obviously can’t work with every single one. But by partnering with the Atlanta Community Tool Bank, we’re able to help provide every one of those organizations that are doing such good things for our city the literal tools they need to help where it matters most – in our communities.”

The project began on October 9th, 2012. The employees of Incentive Solutions volunteered time at the Atlanta Community Tool Bank’s warehouse near Turner Field in downtown Atlanta. Mrs. Johnson says, “We’ll be going in and repainting, or sorting, or sanding, or helping with tool maintenance or inventory or whatever the Tool Bank needs us to do in order to help them make the biggest impact possible for the city.”

Along with the Atlanta Community Tool Bank, Incentive Solutions works with a number of other non-profit organizations like Hire Heroes USA, an organization dedicated to helping our country’s veterans receive job training and assistance through corporate partnerships. Steve Damerow, CEO of Incentive Solutions says, “we wouldn’t have the honor of helping these organizations with the great work they do if it wasn’t for the patronage of our clients. We do everything we can to give back to the country that helped make us so successful. We’re very grateful to be able to assist these organizations in their causes.”

About Incentive Solutions

In 1994, the managing partners of Incentive Solutions started the company to focus on the incentive travel needs of its customers. Over the years, Incentive Solutions continued to grow by consulting with their customers on the hottest incentive program trends and incentive travel locations that they wanted to award their salespeople or customers. In 1996, Incentive Solutions started offering debit card programs in its list of incentive products.

In 2005, Incentive Solutions launched an online reward solution via RewardTrax, a web-based platform that helps manage incentive programs, employee motivation programs and employee recognition programs. RewardTrax is a powerful program management solution that provides point-based merchandise programs and reloadable prepaid debit cards.

Today, Incentive Solutions is a part of the ISI group and continues to provide its clients with results-driven and successful online incentive programs and business incentive programs.

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