Mark Herbert Explains “The Importance of Incentive Technology for HTM Leaders” in Latest 24×7 Magazine Publication

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There is no doubt that technology has become an integral part of our lives. For healthcare technology management leaders, the onset of a global pandemic has never made a statement ring truer.

The pace at which digital transformation has occurred in 2020 as well as the rate at which it has been adopted is simply staggering. However, the developments of incentive technology and their application as part of an employee recognition program often fly under the radar.

In his recent article for 24×7 Magazine, our President and CEO here at Incentive Solutions’ Mark Herbert discusses the importance of incentive technology in the HTM sector:

“At a time when teamwork and collaboration are more important than ever, accelerated digitalization has the opportunity to, yet again, save the day.”

Let’s take a look at how Mark breaks down the latest developments in incentive technology and how they can contribute to a highly effective employee management strategy.

The Benefits of an Employee Recognition Program

With the onset of a global pandemic, today’s healthcare system is spread thin. Pressed for time and resources, implementing an employee management strategy may fall to the bottom of the list for HTM leaders.

The reality is that employee morale is crucial to a successful workplace, and incentive technology as part of an employee recognition program makes achieving this goal that much easier. With an online employee recognition platform, HTM leaders can:

    • boost employee engagement;
    • decrease turnover;
    • accelerate employee development; and
    • maintain an informed, unified front in a time of necessity.

The driving force behind these programs is the investment of HTM leaders in their employees by providing rewards. As Mark explains:

“Arguably the greatest element of an employee recognition program is its reciprocal nature. These platforms exist in a space where employees have the opportunity to earn rewards. This gives employees a higher inclination to engage with the program as it inspires feelings of purpose, value, and loyalty—all of which contribute to a happier, more productive workplace.”

Whether employees are choosing from millions of reward items in an online shopping catalog, or deciding on gift card options from hundreds of restaurants and retailers, cultivating an engaging and enjoyable employee experience is key.

The Role of Incentive Technology in Maintaining Connection and Communication

Mark breaks down the features of today’s technology-driven employee programs, citing the importance of digital connection:

“Life—both inside and outside the hospital—moves quickly. And modern workers absorb information digitally and on-the-go, whenever the moment permits. While team building and employee growth can still occur on the job, today’s employee incentive programs must utilize digital communication tools to guarantee structured, effective connection and developmental growth that fits the digital lifestyle.”

A virtual employee rewards platform allows employees to engage with the company on their time through their chosen digital devices. Automated emails, SMS capabilities, and push notifications from an employee program mobile app ensure that employees are receiving everything from the latest updates in policy and procedure, to congratulatory messages for work anniversaries or birthdays, all in a way that is easy for HTM leaders to manage.

And leadership isn’t the only group that can inspire connection. Through the use of a social media-inspired recognition wall, employees are encouraged to recognize their team member’s exceptional work in the day-to-day activities that often get overlooked.

Company-wide recognition fosters a culture of gratitude. Providing this option virtually and rewarding employees for their kind words keeps employees feeling valued regularly, especially when gathering as a team is improbable.

Incorporating Incentive Technology into your Employee Management Strategy

For HTM leaders, employees are the foundation of a successful workplace. With an employee recognition program, HTM leaders are not only investing in their employees- they are investing in invaluable technology to both streamline and enhance the employee management process.

Interested in learning more? Check out our incentive module options that can be mixed and matched for a completely customized employee recognition program, or speak with a representative!

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