Integritas Reselling PROS Pricing Solution Suite in Southeast Asia

by | Aug 29, 2011 | Incentive Programs

Incentive programs that are the ‘right fit’ for a particular company is a key factor in engaging and motivating employees and boosting company productivity and revenue. Channel programs, however, have a much broader benefits span for global verticals.

Software distribution firm, Integritas Pacific, has facilities in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. And, it just announced a brand new collaboration with the PROS Reseller Channel Program.

To further offer opportunities in the technology arena, Integritas plans to resell the leading pricing and revenue management software PROS Pricing Solution Suite. The Suite will be resold through Asian Pacific distribution channels to business-to-business (B2B) companies.

CEO of Integritas Qian Zhou explained that the company’s customers have realized effective “returns on internal performance-management solutions and have overcome their data integration challenges.” These customers now want enhanced opportunities to broaden technology by aiming at improving business dexterity and margins. Zhou added, “The PROS suite offers our clients the world’s leading technology to manage complex pricing methodologies across their China and Asia Pacific Channels.”

In addition to this, Zhou noted that the China B2B market is the result of a growing economy. This growing factor has customers of Integratis looking for business strategies to enhance profits, along with broadening the product’s global reach.

The huge software reseller has over 500 sales professionals and consultants offering business intelligence, predictive analytics strategies, financial and marketing consulting, and data integration to all its Southeast Asia clients.

Integratis possesses a notable portfolio, handling well-known global brands, including: General Motors, Volkswagen, Nokia, and Pepsi. And, adding to this portfolio it is now offering “PROS to the Chinese market,” a market that offers a powerful customer base.

PROS offers software that targets identifying and pricing opportunities, implements precise sales quotes and pricing protocols, and lifestyles.

Andres Reiner, PROS CEO, said, “As we expand our business-to-business client base in manufacturing, distribution and services, our goal is to accelerate pricing adoption through partners with a regional presence in key markets.” These partners should be companies that are seeking to bring the best possible capabilities and opportunities to their customers. He added that Integritas matches the profile and the company anticipates a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

The PROS website states that the firm was founded in 1985 and is based in Texas. It has global partnerships and it is recognized for high-quality and effective price and revenue results.

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