KidZania appoints new vice president of customer loyalty

by | Jan 6, 2012 | Customer Loyalty

One of the worldwide leaders in children’s location-based education and entertainment recently announced the recruitment and subsequent appointment of a former Silicon Valley Virgin America executive to head its new customer loyalty program.

Under her new position as the vice president of customer loyalty at KidZania, Sarah Marsh will develop a customer incentive program in line with the company’s growing global presence and brand. Marsh has experience in this department through her work at Merkle Inc. and Virgin America, where she successfully delivered a model customer strategy complete with loyalty initiatives.

“Sarah has an innate talent for understanding what motivates people,” said Cammie Dunaway, U.S. president and global CMO at KidZania LLC. “KidZania is an incredibly special place, and as we expand globally and prepare to launch multiple parks into the U.S. market, her ability to build a large-scale, innovative program will be invaluable.”

Dunaway added the appointment of Marsh furthers the company’s continued emphasis on establishing a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with its customer base. KidZania’s two goals of always providing a rich and engaging experience for its young visitors and ensuring their experience is available to as many children as possible around the world will be points of emphasis with Marsh and her new position.

“Kids are naturally creative, and our approach is to develop a global program that embodies kids’ choice and continuously invites new ideas from the very people who make KidZania special,” Marsh said. “Ultimately, it’s about demonstrating loyalty to our guests through exceptional experiences and facilitating the connections that inspire kids not only at our parks, but in their everyday lives. And that excites me.”

When it comes to establishing customer loyalty, the internet and rise of daily deal websites have made it more accessible to more businesses. Groupon has paved the way for other daily deals sites including Washington, D.C.-based Womply. The company has separated itself from its competitors by offering invisible discounts that credit the amount of the discount offered by the business directly to the customer’s account, according to the Washington Post.

The initiative program, Loyalty Cloud aims to reward repeat customers, thus establishing a foundation for loyalty moving ahead.

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