Lifeboat Distribution Signs as PartnerWorks Alliance’s First Channel Partner

by | Sep 15, 2011 | Channel Sales

VirtualWorks Group, a data sprawl content virtualization solutions leader, created a new category for software. The purpose of this new category is to offer comprehensive data sprawl integration throughout a wide platform of application silos. Along with this, it is intended to enhance the end-user experience through an efficient and productive delivery system.

The company recently initiated phase one of PartnerWorks Alliance, an incentive program specifically structured for value-added resellers (VARs), channel partners, and distributors.

CEO and Chairman Edward Iacobucci stated in the company’s press release that a powerful market opportunity exists “to address the growing issue of data sprawl that is reducing employee productivity in organizations of all sizes.” He added that the problem is huge and the solution will call for “a strong ecosystem of partners.”

PartnerWorks will be implemented one step at a time in order to unite a network of worldwide channel partners, all striving to improve efficiency while integrating data. Software designers and technology partners with pertinent data will also be brought into the global network mix. The purpose is to maximize data output pertinent to businesses.

Iacobucci said, “We have done most of the heavy lifting by developing pre-integrated, plug-and-play products.” The products are geared for VARs to establish comprehensive partnership value with all involved. He added that the company makes it simple to create solutions that are customized, that deploy quickly, “and generate both near-term and recurring revenues for VARs.”

Wayside Technology Group subsidiary Lifeboat Distribution is a specialist in global distribution of software and just joined forces with VirtualWorks as a distributor. The signed agreement benefit to LifeBoat is North American distribution of VirtualWorks’ “content virtualization software.”

The history and reputation behind Lifeboat is that of “identifying cutting-edge solutions that solve customer problems and investing in them early on,” said Iacobucci. He added that Lifeboat is an effective channel partner in that it proclaims to have the most extensive portfolio of cloud computing and virtualization industry solutions, “providing us with immediate access to thousands of North American resellers.”

PartnerWorks has tiered membership levels and the first phase of initiation features registered or premier. The level status is dependent upon the reseller’s demonstrated commitment to the vender, sales volume, and technical expertise.

For those partners who do prove their commitment and achieve the premier level, VirtualWorks rewards include sales and technical assistance.

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