Local Atlanta Businesses Offered Free Corporate Wellness Workshops

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness

Alternative health strategies, such as chiropractic and acupuncture are gaining acceptance among consumers and the medical profession. One Atlanta, Georgia based chiropractor, Dr. Senft, recognizes the benefit his services can provide to businesses in the area.

The businesses he is focusing on are those that are adopting corporate health and wellness strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, while reducing healthcare expenses.

Dr. Senft is a licensed chiropractor, as well as the director of the clinic he works at, and is offering local businesses 45 minutes of free workshop presentations focusing on the benefits of wellness in the workplace, along with ergonomics. He emphasizes using wellness incentive programs to motivate workers to strive toward improving their lifestyles, which will have the added benefit of increasing workplace productivity and reducing health related costs, thereby helping the company’s bottom line.

Discussing the importance of posture and other work related factors, Dr. Senft explained that a number of the patients he sees at the wellness center complain of “back pain, neck pain or other spine injuries that are due to basic workplace ergonomic problems.”

He added that the free workshops provide excellent opportunities to teach business leaders the significance of work-related stress and basic ergonomics. “My goal,” he continued, “is to help all individuals work with maximum comfort and minimum stress, which increases productivity and improves health.”

Having post-graduate experience in practice management, radiology, ergonomics, and orthopedics, Dr. Senft started practicing in Georgia in 1985. The workshops provide important and useable information on the advantages of workplace health and wellness programs. Companies he has instructed include, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Salvation Army, and AT&T.

Realizing a number of individuals never bothered seeking the help of a chiropractor or don’t know the basic principles involved in the chiropractic practice, Dr. Senft wants to enlighten people and businesses.

By doing the same for healthcare providers and others in the medical community, Dr. Senft believes he can “help health care providers see the benefits of recommending chiropractic care for spine alignment problems and chronic musculoskeletal pain, rather than just covering up this pain with prescription painkillers.”

Businesses interested in learning more about corporate health and wellness programs can check out the Corporate Wellness Magazine. The magazine’s sole focus is on disease prevention and employee health and wellness. It’s most recent issue features articles on employees and chronic disease costs, along with worldwide healthcare consumers.

One particular article featured in this issue deals with digital health coaching. It discusses how this practice can help reduce the ever-rising healthcare costs, especially when “chronic disease infiltrates the workplace.” To read the Corporate Wellness Magazine article, you can visit CorporateWellnessMagazine.com

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