How to Lose Clients

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Customer Loyalty

We’re going to try something a little different today. We’ve talked in depth about countless ways to keep clients happy, obtaining new clients, and motivating and retaining existing clients. So today we want to go over a couple of great ways to run clients off. If you want more time for golf, but less money to play it, the five steps below will certainly help you empty your workday:

Step 1 – Make sure that your client’s point of contact is always changing. Clients love it when they can maintain a relationship with, and always count on, one person at your company. It breeds a sense of familiarity and kinship, so keep them on their toes by making sure they never speak to the same person twice. This guarantees that your clients never develop the kind of relationship or partnership with your company that will last and prove successful.

Step 2 – All clients are not created equal. New clients need to get much better deals than old clients in order to get them to sign up. Make sure you inform your existing clients of the great deal you’re giving to new signups, and inform them that they’re not eligible for said new subscriber deal. Never maintain a steady and fair price point that is relevant to all of your clients. Then you’d have to work all the time.

Step 3 – Don’t give your clients choices. Make every one of them buy the exact same package. Make sure the package includes lots of unnecessary add-ons that your clients probably don’t need. People love choices, so this will drive them crazy and they’ll be gone before sundown – that is, if they even sign up with you at all.

Step 4 – Encourage bad employees to be even worse, and never recognize the good ones. If you encourage your good employees to perform desired behaviors through, say, an incentive program, then they’d keep doing those behaviors and would treat your clients well and you’d probably be busy all the time. The point of this article is to have exactly the opposite of that. Don’t use an employee recognition program to encourage great employees to behave in a manner that would increase customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer acquisition or else you’ll be up to your eyeballs in clients. If you’re taking this article seriously, you obviously don’t want that.

Step 5 – Make problem resolution virtually impossible for your customers. Clients want to buy your product or service, have it work as expected, and to move on with their day. And if they do have a problem, they want it to be resolved with speed and proficiency. Yeah, you need to do the exact opposite of that. If you don’t want clients to stick around, make problem resolution a living nightmare. If you need to know how this is done, call AT&T’s help line – it’s a great example. Give them phone numbers that lead to a labyrinthine, circular computerized telephone system that ultimately leads nowhere. If they somehow manage to get through, ensure that their calls are dropped frequently, or that your employees can’t help them because it’s against company policy. This is the most tried and true, 100% proven technique to get rid of pesky clients.

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