For manufacturers and distributors in the food supply chain, standing out amongst the competition is a top priority. According to VP of marketing and communication Nichole Gunn, loyalty program software as part of a customer loyalty program is the way to do it.

With products being passed through a variety of hands before making its way to the consumer, both manufacturers and distributors can use a loyalty reward program to identify key channel partners, build strong relationships, and encourage repeat business. Featured last week in the warehousing section of the Food Logistics online publication, Nichole breaks down the benefits of loyalty software as part of a strong marketing and communication strategy.

3 Steps to Securing Brand Preference

When it comes to inspiring preference of one’s brand in their consumer base, Nichole defines three key elements that must be addressed as part of a channel marketing strategy:

  1. The message a business wants to relay to their customer;
  1. The process in which brand messaging is delivered; and
  1. The collection of data proving successful brand messaging.

Simply put, businesses that are able to complete these steps efficiently will not only see the most success but be able to prove success. As Nichole states, a loyalty program software as part of a loyalty rewards program is the perfect solution to accomplishing these three goals effectively:

“For companies looking to maintain growth and secure customer loyalty, capturing the attention of their customer base and collecting invaluable buyer-data are major benefits of investing in a customer loyalty program. Functioning as a complete marketing and sales tech stack, these programs provide the latest in essential tools for manufacturers and distributors to stand out in the supply chain and secure valuable market share.”

Communicating a Loyalty-Focused Value Proposition

When developing a company’s brand message, Nichole suggests looking to companies with current success:

“What do top-performing brands have in common? They market a message that explains not only how their product enhances the lives of their customers, but one that also showcases and reinforces the unique value of the brand itself.”

By providing rewards for purchases and other business-enhancing behaviors, food manufacturers are showcasing how highly they value their customers, writing this narrative directly into their brand messaging. With so many options in the food supply chain to choose from, a customer loyalty program is just another positive branding move to add to one’s stellar product or unmatched customer support.

But how exactly do food manufacturers use a customer loyalty program to stay top-of-mind? With the help of loyalty management software.

What are the Benefits of Loyalty Program Software?

As Nichole points out, the year 2020 has only accelerated the adoption of technology in the marketplace. Between social distancing and an increase in remote work, customers remain connected via the internet, and marketers must make sure to meet them there.

For manufacturers and distributors who have yet to establish an online presence, investing in customer loyalty program software is the perfect way to make the digital leap. A virtual platform where customers can not only learn about your product but rack up rewards is key to relaying brand messaging. Already have a website or an e-commerce platform? Take it to the next level by seamlessly integrating a loyalty program– only one sign-in necessary! Nothing motivates sales like watching reward points pile up while filling a virtual cart.

Alongside digital marketing, loyalty program software provides a level of automated connection and engagement, keeping your brand top of mind while saving your business time on round-the-clock messaging management. Be it email, SMS, or push notifications via a customized loyalty program mobile app, your participants are informed on all the latest promotions and can participate in the program on their schedule.

Enabling Success with Loyalty Program Software

For marketing efforts, success comes down to how effectively a brand is able to resonate with its customers:

“Understanding who customers are, what they buy, and what motivates them to make a purchase can be used to sharpen marketing strategies, such as targeting specific verticals, or opening up opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.”

With the help of customer loyalty software, collecting, organizing, and reporting on this invaluable customer data becomes easier than ever. Customized enrollment forms put an end to any and all previous gaps in customer contact information while allowing strategic planning for personalized marketing strategy.

Loyalty program software also helps automate the claim submission process, speeding up the verification process while customers remain motivated by faster reward delivery.

Most importantly, dashboards and reporting on communication efforts, sales performance metrics, and overall participant experience help your business grow into the best possible loyalty program provider it can be. As Nichole states:

“When it comes to managing a business, customers are the lifeblood, and measuring their engagement with a brand will reveal the success of a company’s marketing efforts.

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About Luke Kreitner

Luke Kreitner is the VP of Sales at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that specializes in helping B2B businesses accelerate growth, increase sales, motivate channel partners and retain B2B customers.

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