Maintaining Relations and Using Loyalty Apps for Businesses

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Contractor Loyalty

A part of every expanding business is to accept standard practices of larger businesses. One such application is the use of sub-contractors rather than employees to conduct particular tasks. Although from a business perspective these sub-contractors are self-employed, they are helping your business find success and deserve recognition for their contributions. Loyalty apps for businesses are a way to give a tip for the great service your subs provide while maintaining their independence so you don’t have to hire someone else.

The Value of Sub-Contractors

Sub-Contractors are an important part of any business. In some case, you have a job that has to be done, but it isn’t common enough to warrant hiring in-house staff. In other cases, it simply makes more sense to pay someone else for the insurance obligations of a specific job rather than carrying them yourself. In rare cases, a client asks you to do a business transaction you wouldn’t normally conduct, but in order to keep your client happy you accommodate a sub-contractor to complete the work at hand. Although you aren’t obligated to do anything beyond what was contracted, loyalty apps for businesses are a way to maintain the loyalty of your subs so they work just as hard on your behalf as your regular employees do.

Using Loyalty Apps for Businesses and Channel Incentive Programs

[ezcol_1half]When providing additional support and appreciation for your sub-contractors, you’re essentially using a channel incentive program. You’re showing an appreciation for the services provided by another company, while also showing admiration for their ability to provide said services. Whether it’s for an employee, a sub-contractor, or another business you work with regularly, loyalty apps for businesses define to the people who help you earn wealth how you’re willing to share the wealth.

The Options of Online Rewards

Online rewards are a particularly interesting concept when it comes to loyalty apps for small businesses. Deals which may not be available to you are often available to the companies who specialize in online rewards programs. The bottom line is you are going to pay less for a higher value of reward to the sub-contractor, essentially giving a loyalty-inspiring tip for much less than a cash bonus would cost your company.

Giving tips is simply good business policy, and using loyalty apps for businesses is a great way to give what seems an extravagant tip for less investment than a cash bonus costs your business. Take the time to talk to one of our specialists, and we’ll listen to your circumstances and help determine the best awards program to suit your needs.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

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