NetAlliance Partner Program: Akamai’s New Global Initiative

by | Sep 14, 2011 | Channel Sales, Incentive Programs

Akamai Technologies launched an innovative incentive program for channel partners. Akamai is a top provider of e-commerce security, mobile content applications, and web optimization cloud-based services. The new program is structured to provide information technology (IT) solutions on a global scale.

NetAlliance Partner Program is the name of the new initiative and it is being implementing for Akamai’s channel partners’ benefit. The company’s services will be integrated on a worldwide scale and distributed to Akamai’s channel partners.

Vice president of Global Marketing & Alliances Brad Rinklin explained that the today’s enterprise demands are quickly evolving; this means “IT decision makers must find the optimal solutions for cloud computing, security, mobile strategies, and site and application performance.”

Staying on course, Akamai’s established reputation for building worldwide associations with IT leaders will extend to the new partner program. The company plans on using NetAlliance Partner Program to “recruit integrators for both hardware and software.” In addition, the program will assist digital media platform and infrastructure service providers that target commerce and focus on helping their clients to obtain success via the Cloud.

Rinklin went on to say that Akamia’s purpose to create a diverse channel has enabled the company “to bring customers best-of-breed solutions for leveraging cloud business models without compromising security, reliability or performance.” The intended purpose of the NetAlliance Partner Program is to establish an “eco-system of proven technology leaders” on a global basis, an eco-system that reaches all regions. These leaders are those “who are committed to advancing how business is conducted online.”

Building on experience based on past programs’ successes, the NetAlliance Program will allow partners to boost their worldwide reach via a comprehensive platform. The program will also enable partners to: improve their effectiveness and lower costs, provide access to Akamai’s training strategies, access market development resources, influence hybrid-cloud market integrated solutions, as well as “add and scale revenue streams.”

Vice President of International Marketing and Channels Martin Haring noted that Akamai’s partners utilize the program to overcome inaccuracies and inefficiencies that weave themselves throughout the information highway landscape. Working together, Akamai and NetAlliance partners are striving to help the internet ‘become what it can be,’ an efficient, secure, and reliable cloud services platform.

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