Nevada Uses Recent Study to Initiate Employee Wellness Program

by | Jan 21, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness, Incentive Programs, Workplace Safety

The State of Nevada Public Employees’ Benefits (PEBP) initiated a new preventive wellness program, the “Live Well, Be Well Prevention Plan.” And, 45 percent of eligible employees and retirees have already signed up.

The program is designed to control the ever-rising healthcare costs connected with Nevada’s public employees and retirees. It is also geared to help employees improve their health and reduce the burden on Nevada taxpayers.

Employees throughout the state had until October 31st, 2010, to enroll. Part of enrollment included a health assessment questionnaire which provides insight into the overall health of the state’s employees.

The plan is based on new research from a study published in Population Health Management. Evidence from the study titled, “The Impact of The Prevention Plan on Employee Health Risk Reduction,” demonstrates that this type of wellness program is able to attain significant “health risk reduction in just one year.”


Information from the study shows a reduction in the number of health risks among participating employees by 42 percent. Sixty-four percent of those with high health risk level lowered their level, and 87 percent of those with low risk levels remained status-quo.

It is commonly known that “health risks are the key drivers that cause chronic illnesses and lead to higher health care costs and reduced productivity.”

In a press release, U.S. Preventive Medicine® explains that the preventive program “seeks to reduce health care costs by empowering employees to avert health risks through positive lifestyle changes and timely health screenings.” The programs structure affords members “one-on-one health coaching, creates personalized action plans, and provides timely and relevant health information to provide the tools necessary for the participants to better manage their overall health.”

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