New Channel Partner Programs Launched by IndependenceIT

by | Aug 8, 2011 | Channel Sales

IndependenceIT launched two innovative channel partner and authorized reseller incentive programs (Freedom Partner and Freedom Reseller) that offers solution providers, information technology specialists, independent software vendors (ISV), and value-added resellers (VAR) the ability to provide their customers with immediate access to a “cloud-based suite of business applications.”

The could-based business applications supplier initiated the program to offer a platform for partners to provide high-performance and secure access to information and systems from all internet-connected tools. With the onslaught of new technology, such as the SmartPhone, this is an essential strategy for today’s businesses.

The services IndependenceIT offers includes: hosted email, backup services, data storage, Microsoft applications, and other cloud services.

The company’s entry-level product is Instant Freedom desktop. This package consists of:

QuickBooks (financial management software)

  • Microsoft Office
  • Data storage
  • Hosted email accounts

The next level is the Total Freedom Desktop which clones a customer’s existing information technology (IT) environment. The package does this by utilizing the customer’s “own software licenses with customized applications and data.”

The company is experienced with partners, but is now targeting recruitment of solution providers specifically geared toward and willing to take on cloud computing through the two new channel incentive programs.

Tony, Whitton, IndependenceIT CEO, explained that both partners and resellers wanted “an option that will allow them to get their clients into the cloud without having to make the investment in the infrastructure, product development and support organizations.”

The new programs take care of this situation through three tiers: referral partners, authorized resellers, and authorized partners.

The referral tier aids partners that want to continue with their current partnership while being able to offer customers cloud solution access.

The authorized reseller tier provides system integrators, solution providers, VARs, and ISVs the opportunity to combine cloud services with their existing merchandise and services. The partners can sell the offerings under their own brand or as a co-brand with IndependenceIT. An additional incentive and solution feature for resellers that strive to preserve customer support, administration, and service is round-the-clock technical support. And, if a partner reaches a 250-seat minimum, its yearly partner fee of $5,000 will be refunded.

The authorized tier offers members instant customer cloud service access. This tier takes on the all the support responsibility that comes with the first tier through a small “upfront fee” to IndependenceIT. To add to the incentives of this tier, the vendor provides:

  • A 20 percent commission
  • Co-brand marketing items
  • Customized marketing support
  • $2,500 refund of yearly partner fee for obtaining a 100-seat minimum

According to CRN, the vendor believes its new programs will make up 33 percent of its sales in the upcoming year.

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