New Corporate Wellness Partnership Initiative Launched

by | Sep 7, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness

Whether an organization is a municipality, a business, or is in the health industry, having a healthy workforce creates a win-win situation for all involved. And, business leaders are finding new and more effective strategies to ensure a wellness program’s success.

Two companies, Careington International Corporation and Trotter Wellness, have joined forces to help reduce exuberant health-related expenses. The intent is to help clients on a corporate and customer level.

Trotter Wellness is a comprehensive wellness initiative management company and Careington is a leader in wellness, dental, lifestyle, and visions iscount programs. The partnership will delve into reward programs that strive to decrease healthcare expenses on a wide scale. At the same time, the partners will be taking advantage of a bartering system, in that each will trade its services for the overall benefit of each company’s client/customer base.

Careington’s Senior VP Chuck Misasi explained that the discount plans his company offers are not insurance plans. “These discount plans have always been a natural fit with companies and individuals trying to better manage their healthcare costs.” Partnering with Trotter Wellness and having access to its product line will further assist businesses working toward improving and managing their overwhelming individual and corporate heath-related expenses. “By providing access to more affordable care, we have an opportunity to improve the overall health status of the customer in a sustainable way.”

The partnership has fostered an integration of wellness discount products, which now allows Trotter the advantage of offering its clients and potential clients Careington’s dental, vision, and other services discount plans.

Along with this, Careington will provide Trotter’s various products, including: web tools services, health coaching, and health risk monitoring to its corporate clients. The union is a prime example of a traditional joint corporate wellness program.

Discussing the cost-decreasing results this partnership has provided, Misasi said, “[…] these programs have provided a clear return of investment for both the individual participants and the group buyers while improving their quality of life.”

Moving beyond the traditional wellness program, Texas-based Southeast Hypnosis Center has launched an innovative program. The owner of the company, Julie Nise, is focusing on her company’s Houston corporate partners. She is providing the company’s health and well-being services to help employers support their employees in the quest to lose weight and stop smoking.

One of the features of the program necessitates that every potential client participate in a screening process that will help determine if hypnosis treatment will be effective for that particular individual. For those that are candidates, the treatment will work toward reducing the urge to smoke, since smoking can promote “an unproductive work environment.” It will also support weight loss. The treatments will strive to enhance the health and fitness of each client’s employees.

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