New employee, customer recognition and loyalty program finding success

by | Apr 16, 2012 | Incentive Industry, Loyalty Programs

Parago, a leader in engagement management programs for employees and consumers across sales channels, recently said its prepaid reward-ordering portal known as Prop has made a significant splash since launching half a year ago.

Since its launch, Prop has achieved numerous milestones, including attracting dozens of new clients to the company and distributing as many as 500,000 prepaid cards from Visa totaling $20 million in loaded or issued funds.

An acronym for Parago Reward Ordering Portal, Prop is a unique take on the employee recognition program as well as other loyalty initiatives between employee and customer. It provides large businesses and organizations with one hub for loading, customizing and activating prepaid cards from Visa for a variety of rewards and other incentives.

“Prop’s overwhelming popularity right out of the gates confirms that it is a useful solution to the many large companies that struggled with the reward and incentives purchasing and procurement process, which historically required coordination of multiple contracts with a number of approved vendors, various pricing schedules, and internal brand and legal review,” said Juli Spottiswood, president and CEO of Parago.

Human resources departments across numerous organizations and businesses can take advantage of the offerings related to employee recognition and customer loyalty provided through Parago and its Prop initiative. The one-stop web-based destination helps to simplify the prepaid incentive procurement process.

“Prepaid cards have long been a reward in our toolbox at Silverleaf, for both customers and employees,” said Anton Pomakov, senior vice president of marketing at Silverleaf Resorts, a Prop client. “Now, with Prop from Parago, we are able to easily order cards from our custom catalog – across the organization – simply and hassle-free. The portal works for all of our applications – we can order one or many cards, reload and activate all in one site, any time of day. The flexibility PROP provides is great for our business.”

A recent report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reveals that employee recognition and incentive programs related to workplace safety could lead to an increase or encouragement of whistle blowing, which can actually lower morale and productivity instead of promote it, which is one of the core beliefs behind safety-related incentive and recognition initiatives.

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About Nichole Gunn

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