New Hires Need Clearly Defined Goals and Effective Rewards Program

by | Mar 4, 2011 | Employee Recognition, Reward Programs

With the economy slowing shifting gears, businesses may find themselves hiring new employees. Or, maybe you’re a new company establishing your employee foundation. Both scenarios are certainly a welcome event, and should be met by getting the new employees off on the right track.

Human Resource (HR) and management usually work together to create a clear and doable goal-setting strategy that incorporates employee incentives as part of the package. Having detailed short and long-term goals in place, including an effective rewards program, will provide a strong platform for new hires to move comfortably within the workplace.

In an article at Inc. Magazine, human resources strategy consultant Ron Thomas explains the importance of establishing a new hire protocol: “To me, there is no such thing as setting goals too early in the hiring process. It should be done almost as soon as you identify the need for a new hire and defined by anyone that will be working with the new employee.”

Marnie Green, principal consultant of Management Education Group, Inc., offers her insight into goal setting for new employees: “There are essentially four types of goals that you as the employer can set with new employees.” These goals basically consist of clearly defined objectives that include detailed steps to get there.

Along with goal setting, managers and supervisors need to track the new employees’ progress on a regular basis and tweak the objectives as needed. It’s also advisable to get feedback from the new hires in one-on-one discussions.

Having clearly defined goals in place for new hires, along with the needed tools and resources to accomplish those goals will help the employee feel secure in the workplace. And, taking the time to get employee feedback and offer effective incentive programs will allow the employee to feel a part of the team, rather than simply an unappreciated worker.

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