Non-Profit Organization Implements Wellness Program for Community

by | Jan 5, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness

Wellness programs for businesses have their place in bottom line strategies, but a YMCA of the USA in Dallas, Texas, teamed up with the LiveStrong Foundation and implemented a community wellness program for cancer patients and survivors.

Operating since 2007, the program is designed to help those affected by cancer. The program is structured to help these individuals “improve their functional capacity and increase their quality of life through organized fitness.”

Originating at one Dallas location, the program’s success has allowed it to grow; there are now six metropolitan Dallas YMCA locations that offer the program.

Membership and wellness director a the Frisco Family YMCA Nikki Erny told Star Local News, “This cancer survivorship collaborative focuses on the specific wants, needs and interests of cancer survivors. We customize the program for each survivor because we understand that every participant is different.”

The program, named LiveStrong at the YMCA, motivates adult cancer patients and survivors to work toward enhancing “their functional capacity and increase their quality of life.” Through organized researched fitness strategies that are proven to improve fatigue, mood, and muscle strength, the program helps the participants with empowerment.

The sessions are twice weekly for 75 minutes, lasting for 12 weeks, and are “led by nationally certified YMCA trainers” who are schooled in cancer rehabilitation procedure, nutrition, and support. An added bonus to the community, the program is offered for free to both YMCA members and non-members.

This is a working example of the effectiveness and benefit of wellness programs in the nonprofit organization arena structured to help improve a community and its citizens.

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