Nonprofit Hospital Group Joins with Time Life Fitness to Promote Employee Wellness

by | Sep 5, 2011 | Corporate Health and Wellness

A nonprofit group of care services, clinics, and hospitals, Allina Hospitals & Clinics, located in western Wisconsin and Minnesota, announced a new affiliation with Life Time Fitness, according to

This new joint venture, Life Time’s myHealthCheck, is geared to offer employees health and wellness benefits. The medical facilities, along with extending heath services to patients, are now taking their workforces’ well being into account.

The unique incentive program is designed to decrease healthcare expenses through employee treatment of controllable health concerns.

Executive vice president of Allina’s Clinic and Community division Bob Wieland, M.D. noted, “As a physician, I find this partnership to be tremendously important.”

Adding to the press release, Allina Hospital & Clinics’ CEO Kenneth H. Paulus explained, “Historically, the healthcare industry has focused almost exclusively on illness,” which has provided outstanding acute care results. But, “little focus has been placed upon the impact of preventative health and fitness measures on the health of the community.” The introduction of myHealthCheck employee wellness program is fundamental to the partnership launch.

Paulus continued to say that a primary element of establishing a content and productive work environment is employee health. The new program will focus on wellness concerns in order to generate positive changes; this will benefit the entire workforce.

Part of the program’s strategy is to take advantage of wellness coaches to provide an all-out campaign to identify health risk factors. Once identified, steps can be taken to improve health and wellbeing. Employee Incentives will be awarded to those who meet health objectives.

Health and fitness promotion is a key factor to the affiliation. Promotion efforts will include, accurate health assessments by Life Time, motivating Allina’s doctors, nurses, staff to enhance their wellbeing, and having Allina provide their medical services and expertise at Life Time functions.

Corporate wellness programs are a flourishing trend for healthcare facilitators, but health insurances leaders are keeping their eye on employers through various strategies, including the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress.

The event is schedule to be held in Chicago and will join together health awareness and corporate wellness communities with those who have a stake in the medical tourism industry. This occasion will provide an opportunity for all involved to establish new and long-term relationships.

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